I was born at home, breast-fed and raised on fresh, heirloom home-grown,  organic vegetables and, fruits along with fresh herbs from the garden. My mother had a super-green thumb. Likewise, I grew up on fresh, free-range poultry, wild-caught fish of the day, drinking fresh raw milk, delivered to our door step and, I was not even vaccinated, until I began to travel to high risk regions. Even when I received vaccinations for travel, my parents opted for the bare minimum requirements. I was home schooled most of my youth and, then attended private schools. By the age of 5, I played violin and, piano, spoke 3 languages and, could read and write music, Greek, French and, English. Although I was taught Spanish early in my studies, it was not until I came to California, that I began to  use Spanish, more regularly.


My grandparents John and Virginia,  had a large farm and, ranch in Cyprus. There were fresh vegetables, greens, fruit trees, watermelons, giant reeds and,  grasses growing with other seasonal foods.  My grandparents  also raised beautiful heritage chickens and rabbits. Grandpa  was a bee keeper and would harvest fresh raw honey, as well.

Sitting with my grandma, outside on the veranda, it was so hot that sometimes it felt like I was breathing inside an oven.  Together, we split open the freshly collected pea pods, removing the peas and, putting them into a separate bowl. After we finished, I would  give the empty pods to the chickens. One morning, I heard a cat by my bedroom door, I got up to look and there was one of the  farm cats feeding newly born kittens. They were the cutest little things, especially since they looked just like their mother. She was a tabby with many beautiful colors and as I was petting her silky, soft head, my grandfather was returning from the barn  with sardines for her. The cats were part of the farm, ranch and family, but they could not be inside the house (LOL). They were all very well cared for and, I never saw cat food in a bag, called "Cat Food", not ever.


These cats were fed  fresh, raw  milk, sardines, kitchen meat scraps and, the  rest of their diet was based on what they hunted and,  caught. Funny thing, I never saw my grandfather butchering any livestock but, we ate very well and the tastes were brilliant and bold. He would get up before sunrise and process, so that it would be ready before we all woke up. He lived to 107 years old.


When living  in Cyprus, with my grandmother Mary, grandfather Thomas and, my auntie; I would accompany my grandma  once or, twice weekly to visit the chicken farm. We walked 2 blocks to the farm, she picked out a  chicken and, within 10 minutes, it was processed, placed  inside the bag that we brought with us and, we were on our way back home. Guess what was for dinner.. oven roasted, farm fresh, free-range chicken, over a layer of fresh potatoes, baked to perfection with olive oil and fresh herbs, plucked from the garden.

As far back as I can remember we have always traveled. In all my travels to the Middle East, Europe, Israel, Eastern Europe, the Mediterranean, South America and North Africa, I do not remember ever being offered or, consuming any commercial-breed chickens, eggs from caged chickens, grain-fed beef, canned vegetables, refrigerated eggs, pasteurized, homogenized or skimmed milk or even old,  frozen commodity poultry. This would have been unheard of. Similarly  to, out-of-season fruits, vegetables, farmed fish or,  meats from sexually altered (castrated) livestock or any food  grown with pesticides, hormones, steroids and drugs (vaccines, tetanus, antibiotics and similar).

Where have we gone wrong? It's not just the commercial farms!

I have never had a flu vaccine  and, I try to avoid all food and beverage related chemicals and toxins. I avoid consumables produced or raised using  either primary or secondary toxins too. Toxins such as mycotoxins, aflatoxins; especially since these are  known, cancer causing molds and, can cause other diseases, illness and inflammation leading to death. These molds can be found on organic and non-organic corn, soy, wheat, barley and other strange things which are commonly fed to organic and, even "pasture-raised" chickens, poultry and, other livestock.

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