Rainbow universal compost is perfect for your rose garden, flower beds and, your fruit trees. It helps 

herbs, vegetables, leafy greens and, edible plants with the most nutrients too. 

We stack large windrows of compost, daily.

Our compost is alive and, not dead, as other compost is.

As the founder of Food Is Free High Desert and,

Food Is Free Inland Empire I'm encouraging you to feed your soil, feed your plants and, grow as much heirloom, organic food as you can. This is why I'm giving you all the FREE compost, you need.

Bring your truck, a strong back, your trailer, bags, bins, shovels and, gloves and, load-up.

Compost Pickup Service







Sold in 1 squared foot boxes with FREE DELIVERY, nationwide. Already mixed and ready to spread over your native soil. No tilling, no digging.  It's perfect for almost any area and, is amazing. You will get a variety of native grasses, annuals and, perennials. All of which are naturally occurring. You do not need to fertilize. Just lay it down about 2" thick, in any shape you choose and, add water. Since Instant Pasture is from Rainbow Ranch Farms, you can rest assured that it will also be drought tolerant and, easy to manage too. 

Instant Pasture is perfect for your chickens, ducks, turkeys and, even your mini pigs. In addition, it's the very best for your goats, sheep and, cattle. As with all pasture, always wait for your pasture to grow beyond the prussic acid stage. Never allow your animals to pasture on young, fresh, green pasture. As with ALL  pasture,  young shoots want to live and, the young shoots and blades protect themselves with prussic acid. Wait for the pasture to begin maturing or, until it passes the early spring. Perfect when laid in the fall/autumn and, as the spring approaches, allow proper growth before turning your animals onto the pasture. I will wait until May, just to be safe. Once established, do not over water as, our instant pasture is drought tolerant and, that's sustainable.