This is a universal compost. Perfect for your rose garden, flower beds and, your fruit trees.

Grow your own herbs, vegetables, leafy greens and, edible plants with the most nutrient filled compost.

We stack large windrows of compost, daily.

Our compost is alive and, not dead, as other compost is.

As the founder of Food Is Free High Desert and,

Food Is Free Inland Empire I'm encouraging you to feed your soil, feed your plants and, grow as much heirloom, organic food as you can. This is why I'm giving you all the FREE compost, you need.

Bring your truck, a strong back, your trailer, bags, bins, shovels and, gloves and, load-up on ,rich, nutrient dense compost, for all your start-up, garden and, orchard needs.

We are currently researching and, testing a line of universal "Instant Gardens".  Our goal is to develop, fully sustainable (perennial, seasonal & annual) heirloom, organic no-fuss, no till, no plant garden systems which should also be, drought and, cold tolerant. 

Our mission is to promote and, encourage all Americans to easily grow a percentage of their own, herbs, vegetables and, leafy greens (fast & easy) and, to save their own seeds for re-planting. Additionally, we are researching and, testing the weights and, sizes for light packaging and, safe FREE shipping, NATIONWIDE.

Uses by farm members, friends, neighbors and, us include:

Outdoor vegetable boxes

Indoor grow operations

Greenhouse, House plants

Orchards, Herbs, Sprouts

Professional nursery uses

Award winning roses

Fruits, berries & Vines

Leafy greens, Root crops

Pomegranate trees

Fig trees, Mulberry trees

Olive trees, Boxwood, hedges

Poultry pasture, Sheep pasture

Bee yards, Texas umbrella

Cattle pasture, Goat pasture

Pig gardens, Pig pasture,

Eucalyptus trees, Buckwheat

Cacti & Succulents, Pine, Opuntia

Citrus fruit trees, Vermiculture fodder

"Where Our Poultry Are Outstanding In Their Field"

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