GMO's are interesting and, over the past 10 years, our nation has been learning more about this interesting subject and , about the products. 

Some are known to have pesticides built into the actual seeds that helps to keep predatory insects away or, by killing them. This helps with larger yields and less crop loss. 

Some are designed to include vitamins, that are not naturally present in the food itself (fortified).

Another interesting part of GMO's is that some foods have been modified to grow in regions, previously not designated for growing those foods. Tomatoes now grow in Florida. 

Some seeds are designed to commit suicide and, this can prevent the seed from being saved and, planted. Link Here For Study

Genetically Modified Seeds, plants and, foods are designed in such a way, that they are patented. If a GMO seed blows into a neighboring farm filed, that is not permitted to grow that seed; many, costly events follow and, can lead to the loss of that farm, by the patent holder. 


Small Farmers Sued

Farmers Fight In Supreme Court

Big Ag Bullies Farmers


It is strictly forbidden to have GMO's or other genetically altered products on our premises. 

Xenia Stavrinides is the founder of The Non GMO Network. It's a great place to learn about the various topics of genetically modified foods, applications, livestock breeds and, some of the concerns that the community shares publicly. Many thanks to Stephen Zwick (LA Chef's Column) for being an excellent Admin of The Non-GMO Network.


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