On 11/29/2020 I wrote this page to,  share my thoughts with you. If you would like to contact me, here is my email.
I believe that every single living organism, is an original masterpiece of living art. Every day is a blank canvas and, with your every breath,  blink of an eye, with every word, your actions, movements and, your personal choices; you are creating your own living masterpiece. 
MORGANIC is a term that I've been using, to describe the artistic, artisan goods from cultivating holistic, healing food from, heritage breeds of livestock, grown by very specific methods, that encompass wild and, indigenous nature. Holistic food is to be considered, nature's medicine. It benefits your good health, prevents premature ageing and, promotes overall healing.
Morganic is intended to imply "More Than Organic" because the national organic standards are considerably inferior, for my needs and, yours. They are inferior because the guidelines are written for giant-ag and, large scale corporate farms and, commercial ranches.
Edible Art
Artisan edible art, is art that you can touch, see, feel, smell and, taste. I don't consider myself a farmer nor, a rancher anymore. Those words, meant something a long time ago but, anymore, everyone is an organic farmer or, rancher. I am and, always have been out-of-the-box and an original artist (music, theatre, dance) with, academic credentials in public health, fitness, diet, animal science, apoptology, medical research and, since the inception of Rainbow Ranch Farms in 1991, an artisan.
To produce edible art, I raise livestock the way that's symbiotic with nature or, otherwise "Physio-Organically". This is an art that demands kindness, careful attention, hard work, knowledge, tremendous care, species-specific cultural understanding, a background in emergency surgical procedures (oh yes!) and, working in song, with native ecological systems. Therefore, I consider Rainbow Ranch Farms a living gallery and I, the artisan and, the curator. 
Where organic standards fail the needs of millions of people, Morganic is highly individualized to meet and, exceed your specific dietary needs. That's why we are grain-free, soy-free, wheat-free and gluten-free. Furthermore, we are GMO-free and, pesticide-free too. To top it off, we are vaccine-free, antibiotic-free and embrace holistic methods.
Where organic standards encourage castration/genital mutilation, Morganic keeps livestock in tact, as they should be. That's how they are born.  Otherwise, upon castration they develop more estrogen and, fat tissue. Consuming foods from castrated livestock may lead to possible health problems, in the long term. 
Where organic standards consider tetanus shots "preventative", I do not.   After castration it's customary to give a tetanus shot.  Morganic comes from  a prospective that when allowed to thrive, livestock naturally pass on strong immunity through, each generation. Otherwise, you could be ingesting or, consuming an abundance of tetanus medicines from your diet. Tetanus is a type of vaccine and, vaccines have carriers to cross your internal barriers (ex. Blood Brain Barrier). This may lead to health complications. So who said that seasonal tasting meat, is not amazing? Without castration you get real meat, real seasonal flavor and, more dense profile and, it's precious. 
Where organic standards prefer vaccines and, antibiotics as "preventative measures", Morganic relies on the amazing powers of natural immune systems and, holistic preventative measures which are available through the native land and, raw indigenous vegetation. Otherwise, you could eventually be faced with a possible death sentence, or worse from, antibiotic resistance. In addition, antibiotics do not discriminate between beneficial and, harmful bacterium and, this may lead to digestive disorders, skin problems or, leaky gut. This can lead to a lowered immune system and, make you vulnerable.
Where organic standards endorse using chemicals, wax or oil to process or, coat meat, poultry, eggs, fruits, vegetables and, greens, Morganic is pure, as nature intended. Most fruits are waxed to prevent deterioration, by keeping them looking fresher, longer. Eggs are coated with a light oily substance, because they remove the natural protective bloom. Most poultry is processed with chemicals to inhibit pathogens. All commercially sold milk is pasteurized to destroy all the living goodness that promotes your good health. The amounts of preservatives and, antibacterial solutions and, artificial additives in food is really mind-blowing. I'm not certain that anyone really knows all the long term affects of these chemicals. Maybe this is why the majority of the world has outlawed them.
I do not consider the artificial insemination of livestock to be "organic" or, "natural" especially, due to the hormone shots that are needed to force them to cycle. Hormones could remain in the food supply and, some cancers are known to love excess estrogen. This is why, in addition to appreciating naturally occurring flocks and herds, I keep boars, rams, bulls, bucks, roosters, toms and, drakes. All my livestock breed naturally. That's sustainable!
Starting with the raw,  native environment, dancing symbiotically with the ecological systems; precious time is taken everyday to pay close attention to every single animal, pomegranate, fig, egg, drop of water, honey bee, earthworm and, speck of soil. It's my responsibility to humanely and, ethically cultivate and, curate. The innovative, original creative juices that flow are, also applied to making certain that, stewardship is managed with loving, individualized,  holistic, artisan excellence.
Where organic standards fail to consider the toxic molds on corn, soy and, wheat and, the allergic reactions associated with nuts, grains and, even proteins, such as gluten; I pay extra attention, to secure a strong sustainable, allergen-free  diet and, environment.
Every artisan piece that you receive is directly from me. It's one of a kind and, there is no other alike. You can always expect original, artisan and, "terroir" creations that are made and, packed with love, kindness and integrity.  There is no doubt that, art and, artisan goods have been healing people for centuries. I believe that what is created here, takes it to a whole new level of excellence and, mutual benefit. 
Each original masterpiece, is second to none 
I've always been an original artist and, natural artisan. It's very personal to me and, my dearest passion.  Looking back when first talking about "organic" back in the mid 1990's,  explaining the benefits of free-range, grass-fed and, pasture-raised over, corn fed and, grain-fed; most people thought I was unconventional in my views and, they were correct.
In the late 1990's the CDFA and, the USDA had very little knowledge about how to regulate or, even permit a small family farm, such as Rainbow Ranch Farms to operate. By the early 2000's Dennis and, I were  a fully functional organic farm and, ranch and, working closely with the regulatory agencies to develop the basic standards needed, to include small, family farms into the system. 
The struggle since the 1990's has been tremendous and, challenging to say the least. We were challenged, harassed and bullied by farmers and, ranchers. They tried to stop our movement, shut us down, ruin our mission, by any means.  Battle after battle, the struggle continued.  Bullied so badly that eventually the Attorney General investigators along with investigators from the United States Department of Food and, Agriculture became involved, on our behalf.  Eventually, I went on to learn the agricultural codes, regulations and, even the laws and,  logic prevailed time after time.
This battle eventually, paved the road for thousands of small-scale farmers, ranchers and, thousands of others seeking a more sustainable lifestyle improvement to be able to follow their dreams. It's a crying shame that today, it has become common market, saturated with confusion, re-sellers, deception, retailers and, disguise. 
 I've been working long and, hard to lead an improvement in food quality and, allergen-free, food safety that's G.M.O. free, grain-free,  pasture-raised and grass-fed/finished, in protocol. It cost many thousands of dollars and, hundreds, upon hundreds of hours. The blood, sweat and, oh the tears... It was at times a living nightmare.
This is not my job and, not my career; this is my lifestyle and, no matter what goes on, I still have to eat. I eat what I grow and, you are welcome to sign up or, log in to get shares of the bountiful harvests from Rainbow Ranch Farms.
You and I deserve better than what is being disguised as grass fed, certified, pasture-raised, organic, verified, free-range or, natural. We deserve the very best. Since the 1990's, I've been applying my accumulated knowledge, experience and, combined academic studies, to help make a powerful, sincere and, genuine impact to improve and, secure sustainable food systems. It is important to me and, to my health that I continue to work toward my goals  and, visions.  My artisan edible art is in very high demand, limited supply and, it's always a work in progress.
Thank you for all your support, love and, kindness from, Xenia