Farmer's Markets

 - Cut Out The Middle Man -

Each morning begins between 3:30 AM and, 4 AM. Just before sunrise, the outside chores, commence. Each animal is a living masterpiece and, deserves the proper care and, attention as, this ensures that their every need is met in a timely fashion.

I could not leave such important tasks to strangers.  After all, this is important holistic food that many people, just like you depend on to heal and, to stay healthy.

To Sell At Farmers Markets

Who would collect and, oversee the quality of the eggs? Who will milk goats, cows and, switch the cattle gates and, rotate pastures? Who will inspect all the chickens, turkeys, ducks and, pigs? Who will help a sow, goat or, cow in labor? And, then to be gone the majority of the whole day? hmmnn. When would the butchering be done? How could I answer the calls, emails, package, label and, deliver/ship orders?  Even with two people, someone must be here for the farm stand and, take care of the day-to-day chores and, operations. Even with three people, it's still very unrealistic. 

What would I sell?

Perhaps I would sell lamb.

I know of a fake farmer that sell legs of lamb at farmer's markets. This person sells about 25 legs of lamb at each farmer's market and,  sells at 4 different markets, weekly. That's about 100 legs of lamb each week. In total, about 400 every month. That's about 4,800 lambs each year and, that means that the herd should be about 8000-10,000 head strong. 


I can't imagine being a small, sustainable, organic, grass-fed/pasture-raised farm with, enough money to have employees, managers, "payroll services", "workers Comp insurance" and, everything else required to be that BIG. Interestingly, my lambs birth once each year, usually in the dead of winter, when it snows.  I find that I, do not fit into the farmer's market scene and, it's of no particular interest to me at, this time. 

I could have just said "no" but where is the fun in that?

Livestock at Rainbow Ranch Farms are free-range. There are over 8 different species and, multiple heritage breeds. They require daily care, proper attention and, so does the garden, the plumbing, the structures, gates and, fences. The most destructive events can happen when I turn my back. I could write a book just on this, alone. To me, it sounds like people selling meat and, poultry at farmer's markets really have it together and, they are defeating all the odds.


You never really know how many fake organic farmers or, ranchers are going to auctions, buying their animals from an auctioneer and, then hauling them for slaughter and, labeling them as their own. And, yes, it happens,  it's legal and, very popular. 

If I don't bring this up, who will?

I believe that it's important for you to understand the reality behind the scenes of farmer's markets. Farming, ranching and, growing food from livestock is not so easy. It's hard work, labor intensive and, time consuming. There are many challenges especially, when growing organic and, farmer's markets are a great place for people to re-sell what they buy, wholesale. In my experience, farmers markets are great for the general public and, there's nothing wrong with that, if it makes them feel better about, who they are and, what they eat. 


Come To The Farm! Enjoy some time with me, at 4000' elevation where the air is crisp, clean and the sounds of nature are abundant. Smell the beauty of our living gallery and, feast your eyes on something naturally marvelous. Touch the soil, see and hear the honey bees, listen to the birds singing and, have a bite to eat. I always have something cooking in the roaster or the slow cooker. Let's get to know one another and share, one on one.