Are you looking for 100% grain-free, gluten-free, antibiotic-free and vaccine-free wild-foraged, garden-raised meat, poultry and eggs?  Welcome, we appreciate that you finally found us!


We specialize in allergen-free, mold-free,  holistically-raised grain-free pasture-raised and, wild-foraged meats, poultry, game and, eggs. YES! No corn, no soy, no wheat and, GMO-free.


We're the only growers/producers in the USA that specialize in what you need and, we offer delivery, nationwide. Explore our methods, philosophy and, mission to making Americans healthy and, saving lives through nutrient-dense and, wholesome dietary options. We've been here since 1991. 


Do you need full access to all our pasture-raised, pesticide-free farm-fresh, organic products?

*Grass-fed, grass-finished, high CLA and, EFA heritage beef.

*Grain-free, wholesome and, vitamin-D loaded, heritage pork.

*Grain-free, wild-foraged, high Omega-3 heritage chicken eggs.

*Grass-fed, grass-finished, Greek style heritage lamb.

*Raw dairy, from grass-fed, heritage goats.

*Raw local honey, from our on-farm bee hives.

To gain full access to all our highly specialized products or, to pick-up at our home farm and, save money on your annual subscriptions and pay-as-you go orders; join us as registered members and get full access today.

You are always  welcome to order thanksgiving heritage turkeys and, anything else you want from our surplus offerings (listed on our home page) without membership.  Membership is not required to order from our surplus offerings (offerings can vary),  that are posted on our  home page.  Click Here Now!


We are full time holistic farmers, ranchers (horticulturalists, beekeepers , vermiculturalists, animal scientists, butchers etc...) and, we do all of the packing for your home delivery service. In addition to,  personally performing all of the necessary daily duties ourselves , we manage the day-to-day operations.  

Due to our incredibly long, labor intensive schedules, we are simply unable to return every single email, text message, phone call or voice message;  even though we would love nothing more. Since we get hundreds of inquires, we make sure to keep you updated through our newsletter, Facebook pages and, on Twitter. 

After-all, your health, safety and,  your healing-food is far too important, to leave in the hands of strangers and, we are hopeful that you agree.  Thank you very much for your understanding.


For your convenience, our website is designed to answer 98% of all your questions and concerns.  Please take the time, look around, dig deep and go down the rabbit holes. We know that you will just love what we are doing for you, and we're thankful for your interest and, your support.

"Where Our Poultry Are Outstanding In Their Field"

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