When they say " Our cattle graze on green, lush pasture grass, ALL-YEAR"; I call B.S. - and, so should you. When a seller treats customers as if they are ignorant, they should be held accountable. I'm a consumer too and, I find it incredibly inconsiderate and rude. My website is filled with valuable information, educational materials and it's loaded with research and study links to support my methods.


There are serious repercussions to pasture-raising cattle on green lush "pasture grasses" all year and, just as important, you should know that most of the cattle ranchers also use gallons and gallons of kaolin pectin suspension to treat bloat, diarrhea and, enteritis.  Prussic acid is a deadly poison in young pasture grass shoots. As a defense mechanism, some pasture grasses have developed a built-in mechanism to stop grazing animals from killing them, while in their most delicate growing seasons or, under specific conditions.

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We do not administer any antibiotics or, tetanus shots and, we don't castrate or, remove horns from our cattle.

Our physio-organic, holistic and, ethical production methods, result in  much higher nutrient values, better Omega-3 to Omega-6 balance, more prevalent CLA's, DHA, ALA and that equates to a better tasting, holistic beef, guaranteed.


"SEASONAL", natural and indigenous pasture-forage, "as nature intended"

There are reasons and, logical explanations as to why so many people today have difficulty consuming and digesting beef, even when purchased from ranchers claiming  grass-fed, grass finished beef. I get a lot of email's from consumers that are complaining of digestive issues when they consume beef. Some have issues with allergic reactions and, there is a lot of confusion surrounding this. Basic protein staples such as beef should not be a concern yet, sadly it is.

From the start.


Many ranchers buy day old or, yearling calves from auctions. They do not know the history of the parent stock and, although the new owner raises them "organically" there is little to be known as to the damaged DNA or, inherited health issues of these calves. Others that breed and raise their own, tend to administer vaccines to their entire herds. This means that the parent stock and, the calves have been vaccinated. Routine cattle vaccinations are an accepted "preventative measure" practice by the National Organic Program (Click for Link).

VACCINES (we do not vaccinate)

When you consume beef from vaccinated cattle, you are ingesting additional toxins that your kidneys and your liver must process out of your body. However, heavy metals are not that easily removed from your body. You can over work your kidneys and,  your liver by forcing these organs to try and remove these heavy metals and, this could lead to a lowered eGFR. Meaning that your kidney function will eventually be diminished, which can lead to Chronic Kidney Disease and, eventually dialysis. Since the kidneys work directly with your heart, what is good for your heart, is good for your kidneys and visa-versa.

In nature, cattle get all their necessary antibodies from their parent stock, straight from their DNA, the birthing canal, mother's colostrum, the mother's milk and their environment. This is REAL BEEF. How beef is meant to be. Most rancher's who claim that they do not vaccinate, can do so legally. This is because the FDA, USDA and the National Organic Program endorse this practice. Your body and,  your organs are not designed to undergo countless hours of filtering heavy metals and,  multi-species proteins (coyote, rabbit, fox, monkey) all at one given time. This process can place a tremendous tax on your organs. There are studies that even suggest multi-species proteins used in some vaccines,  can lead to chronic illness and, cancer.

There are anti-bodies in vaccines either from live or dead sources. Either way, every time you consume vaccinated beef, your immune system goes into fight mode. Your lymph nodes, primary and secondary immune systems have to figure out how to identify, destroy and, develop a defense mechanism against those foreign invaders. During this process your organs go into overdrive to try and keep you safe.

CASTRATION (we do not castrate)

Most, if not all ranchers castrate their bull calves. This is the act of removing their testicles either by surgical process or by banding. It's illegal to practice chemical castration in the United States. When castration is performed by responsible, humane means, it's followed up by a tetanus shot. Tetanus is also another type of vaccine, an other accepted "preventative measure" practice by the National Organic Program (Click for Link). In addition, an antibiotic shot is also administered. After all, this is a serious surgery, that can lead to chronic infection. This too is accepted by the National Organic Program and beef producers can claim "Antibiotic-Free" because the antibiotic was administered before a certain age and, under the preventative measure" of the National Organic Program again, acceptable.

When you consume beef from cattle that have been castrated you're ingesting more estrogen hormones that you could ever image. The entire process of castration is so that the calf does not take precious energy developing male hormones and, that it develops more fat and,  faster. This is partly due to the USDA slaughter terms. USDA cattle slaughter plants do not slaughter cattle over the age of about 30 months. This means that most ranchers take their cattle for slaughter from 24-27 months of age and, by this time, the cow must be of market weight. Otherwise the rancher will lose a lot of money. Basically each calf needs to gain an average of 2.5-3.0 lbs. per day, from time of birth. That's a lot of weight to put on a grass-fed, grass-finished and pasture-raised calf, especially in that short a time frame. Again, I urge you to consider the amount of estrogen loaded beef that you are consuming under the guidelines of "grass-fed and grass-finished beef.  Excessive amounts of estrogen can lead to a hormonal imbalance in both males and females. It can also lead to a higher risk of cancer development and, gynecomastia I add that calves are born from 40-65 lbs. depending on specific breed, environment, health of the mother and other factors.

MARKET INSIDER (current cattle commodity prices)

"Live Cattle

“Live cattle” is bred primarily in the USA by cattle breeders in Texas, Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, Oklahoma, Iowa, South Dakota, Minnesota and Montana. All of these regions share a very cold winter, and so young calves must be born in spring wherever possible, as they require good weather. The calves stay with their mothers for between six and ten months. During this time they reach a weight of between 300 and 500 pounds. Once they have reached this weight they are sold to special cattle breeders who bring the calves up to a mast weight of between 600 and 800 pounds over the next 2 to 4 months. After this, the calves are fattened as feeder cattle at special fattening farms until they have reached the slaughter weight of between 1050 and 1200 pounds. This is the case after between 110 and 250 days. There are two key factors in cattle breeding: The costs of animal feed, consisting primarily of maize, and the number of animals. Consequently, there is a direct relationship between feeder cattle and live cattle, since a shortage of feeder cattle can also lead to an underproduction of live cattle. It takes breeders between 7 and 12 years to assemble a herd of cattle, but only around 5 years to disassemble it." LINK HERE

Our authentic heritage-breed Beef is produced with the most strict standards, and is unmatched.

vaccine-free    antibiotic-free    no tetanus shots    castrate-free = cruelty-free     no de-horning

Terroir, Artisan & Holistic Beef

Born and raised in California with parent stock. Pasture-raised on local grasses, native graze-land and foraged to absolute perfection.

Intact bulls (not castrated) are of a mature age. It takes considerably longer to raise Mojave Beef before processing. 100% grass-fed, grass-finished, pasture-raised cattle are not market ready in under 30 months. Especially since we do not alter their hormones through castration.

Our customers consider it the best beef in America.

Our cattle production standards are very high and,  second to none!

Vaccine-Free, Castration-Free, Tetanus-Free, Antibiotic-Free & Grain-Free

Our cattle are naturally healthy and they are happy. Calves are raised among the Dams and bulls ranging in open paddocks, pastures and graze-land.  

"Where Our Poultry Are Outstanding In Their Field"

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