Welcome to Rainbow Ranch Farms and thank you for visiting our website. 

We're located in sunny Southern California, where the San Gabriel Valley Mountains meet the Mojave Desert. We've been here in Pinon Hills, California 92372 since July of 1991. 

Covid-19 has impacted many people and businesses across the world. We are an essential business and have continued to support and service our customers through the thick and thin of it. We have experienced some broken supply chains and delays during the process and worked through them. These challenges have led to several more improvements. 

Let Food Be Thy Medicine (Hippocrates). For many reasons, we do not use corn, soy or wheat in providing nourishment for our livestock. We are pesticide free, G.M.O.-free and ALL our livestock are 100% vaccine-free and, antibiotic-free. We holistically raise heritage breeds of chickens, poultry (eggs), turkeys, pork, beef, lamb as a holistic, sustainable poly-culture and we gently cultivate honey from our bee colonies. In addition, we offer fresh raw goat's milk. Raw goat milk has been shown to balance the mouth pH leading to healthier gums and teeth and research published in Science Direct  and Clinical Nutrition Open Science suggests that raw goat's milk has strong antiviral properties: source article "Antiviral properties of goat milk"(A).

Our heirloom orchard consists mostly of pomegranates, mulberries, figs among other fruit trees and native, indigenous trees. The heirloom garden is where we grow more food for ourselves and our livestock. Just as any other garden, we have better seasons and not so great seasons and we keep on moving forward. Throughout the farm and ranch we grow plenty of purslane, prickly pear fruit, Nopales, Opuntia, Eucalyptus, Athels, greasewood, pine (nuts and berries) varieties, Yucca trees that are prolific seed producers among many indigenous, native plants that we care for and carefully cultivate. 


Our hogs, chickens and turkeys feast on a wide variety of wholesome organic fruits, greens, seeds and vegetables to include, avocados, apples, carrots, melons, ginger root, pomegranates, purslane, blueberries and seasonal pasture grass varieties. The goats, cattle and sheep are grass-fed/finished and pasture-raised on seasonal indigenous, native vegetation too, as nature intended.  

Please take a moment to reflect and imagine that our livestock listen to smooth, relaxing music throughout the day helping them live a stress-free, relaxing life. Treated to on-farm spa-days too. The hogs enjoy the effects of cool fresh-water misters during the hottest months and, regular personalized goat massages. Yes, the goats visit the pigs and using their hoofs, they too massage the pigs.  Our chickens, turkeys and ducks also experience spa days and enjoy pampering too. The goats, sheep and, cattle enjoy inclusive spa days along with nail trimming and horn polishing. I often call our amazing, nutrient dense products "Pampered Meats".

Studies have shown that goats can discern happy from angry facial expressions(1). They distinguish emotions from each other's calls (2). According to a cross-sectional study "the human-animal relationship can have a major impact on cow welfare and stockpersons work safety and quality"(3). Another study found "Using a well-controlled experimental procedure and making use of technical advances in non-invasive physiological monitoring, the researchers found that domestic hens show a clear physiological and behavioral response to their chicks' distress."(4) This may be an indication that chickens may feel empathy for their young. 

Studies and research are important in gathering valuable information which can eventually lead to the elimination of cruelty in factory farming however, we should not need research to teach us empathy, kindness, respect and love for all people, animals, pets, livestock, living organisms and the earth. Personally, I love animals and always have. Our livestock are always gently handled and thoughtfully treated with honor and dignity. There is no doubt that butchering day is the toughest day and we aim to ensure that from birth to butcher and from hatch to harvest they get the best care possible, healthiest food, cleanest water and, finest bedding. They deserve the very best and, they get it! This is another reason we're known as "second to none".

What we don't do. We do not practice genital mutilation otherwise known as castration which then also requires antibiotic shot and tetanus shots. We do not practice de-horning of cows, goats and rams. Our livestock require their genitals to reproduce and they also need their horns as they are very important in temperature regulation. Aside from the fact that we consider some of these common practices to be inhumane, cruel and unnecessary.  Castration changes the natural hormonal balances and although better for the farmer and rancher, not so great for the animals and even worse for the end consumer, especially those trying to heal from hormone related cancers. 

We do not want to be part of destroying the rain forests and native lands to pave the way for more "grains" (corn, soy and, wheat). We chose a grain-free path for many reasons and here are a few: 1. they are very thirsty and require a tremendous amount of water. California is in a drought. 2. They require pesticides such as glyphosates and other known toxic applications. Substances which are known to lead to disease and damage to the earth, air, soil and water. 3. They are loaded in mycotoxins which are molds known to cause disease, CKD, inflammation and cancers. 4. Grains are not a natural, holistic food source for any of the livestock that we raise. Grains such as soy beans where created during a famine and today they are responsible for the destruction of forests and in some areas, child labor. 5. Grains are a leading cause of food sensitivity issues and allergic reactions. ALL grains including "certified organic". 6. They are not sustainable and often responsible for putting hundreds of farmers out-of-business through land contamination and genetic modification.

Raising livestock by our holistic measures is challenging and rewarding. We put in many hours each and every day. We do not have the luxury of days-off and we perform all production chores. We select our customers very carefully to include like minded people that share common ground with our philosophy. People who need what we offer, know what we do and understand what is going on. We are thankful for the opportunities to help people through our creative development of our innovative ways and lead the movement of raising healthy, wholesome and nutritious "guilt-free" foods. We believe that holistic food promotes healing, longevity and is key to disease prevention. Our track record speaks for itself as many people diagnosed with chronic health problems (such as cancer, autism, overactive immune system, candida, obesity, premature aging) are taking control of their health, healing themselves and even surviving cancers through science based holistic measures under the "Right To Try" law.  Members gather and discuss their success stories about once each month. Rainbow Ranch Farms was established as a private member only farm and it continues to be a private members-only farm.

We receive thousands of requests from all over the U.S.A. and you should know that we raise, grow, harvest, cultivate and butcher limited amounts. The ways that we farm and ranch are very personalized and it can only be done through small herds and flocks. Eggs are seasonal and so is lamb. Our honey is only cultivated during the months of abundance. Everything we produce is 100% by hand and by the two of us and often along side Chef Marco. We do everything needed to take care of our livestock, farms, ranches and our amazing customers, everything from A-Z. This is true accountability and ensures food safety and traceability to all our valuable customers. We take your dietary needs personally. 

You must be a member to purchase any food from our farm stand. Orientation is needed before your annual membership dues are accepted. Orientation helps us to get to know each other and ensures that we are all on the same page. Annual membership dues are currently $350.00 and non-refundable. Check with your tax preparer, CPA, accountant or bookkeeper to determine if your necessary membership with Rainbow Ranch Farms is tax deductible. 


Our customers travel from all over California, the tri-state and even further to shop with us. Some of our members offer drop-off on their way back from the farm. If you would like to be notified when members are offering drop-off near you please text "DROP OFF + City + zip code" to 909-634-7540 AND sign up for our newsletter CLICK HERE  to be notified of pick up days, farm stand specials and drop off areas. 

In addition, we offer fun, educational, informative exciting workshops, tutorials and classes for our members throughout the year. As a farm member you can sign up for monthly farm-shares of what we produce for an entire year (commitment) or you can purchase a-la-cart from our farm stand (pay as you go). Organic smoked chickens, pork belly, bacon and more by Chef Marco. We are very proud to share his valuable artistic creations with you. He uses organic methods and NEVER uses pink curing salts or liquid smoke. Freshly smoked, mouth watering delicacies by Chef Marco are available during regularly scheduled CSA farm pick up. 


You may also pick up raw milk and eggs anytime in between our scheduled farm CSA pick up days at three locations (Temple City, CA. Apple Valley, Ca. and Pinon Hills, CA.). We accept custom orders from our butcher shop and farm stand. Fresh, organic heirloom vegetables, greens and farm fresh eggs can also be picked up directly from Nancy's green house and garden in Oak Hills, Ca.


You also get 1st chance to reserve thanksgiving heritage turkeys before they go public. Turkeys are the only product that we offer to the general public (at this time) and only available in November. To schedule your member orientation please text Xenia at 909-634-7540 or email: 9096347540@mymetropcs.com 

CSA: Community Supported Agricultural Program.