Xenia's Physio-Organic, Holistic Chickens are old fashioned chickens, heritage breeds and they derive from the oldest breeds known, the Jungle Fowl. They are natural breeders and make great breeders, good setters as well as, excellent mother hens.

Producing and raising Holistic poultry and eggs

is to consider ALL aspects as a "WHOLE";

and, that's what we do.

Most buy their chickens from hatcheries, as day old chicks. When chicks come from hatcheries, you do not have any control over the process or chemical applications used.

Hatcheries must adhere to safety standards and, often include pesticides, fumigation and antibiotics.


When chickens are bred, hatched and raised on-farm, they are going to be more expensive and, also far more nutrient dense. Nutrient density is important for several reasons. The consumer is more confident in knowing that dollar, for dollar, you are getting more nutrition for your hard earned money. In addition, you get your recommended daily allowance with less food consumption.

When chicks come from the farm, it is the back bone of "sustainable poultry". When they come from the farm, it's the defining factor to "trace-ability" and one of the most important aspects of  truth in "transparency".


Chicks hatched to their mother hens get all of their necessary antibodies from their mother hens, their environment, diet and, culture. We take this step seriously, as it's at the core of what makes a chicken wholesome, healthy, happy and nourishing from, start to finish.


Holistic means WHOLE. When we practice "holistic health approaches", it's getting to the core of the symptoms and, then developing an approach that heals "the whole body", mind and, spirit. This is definitely much more advanced and, effective than using drugs, chemicals and blockers to mask and cover symptoms. Especially since the underlying problem was not effectively addressed or repaired.

Holistic chickens are specifically raised to be  nourishing, wholesome, nutrient dense and completely devoid of any positively  charged molecules such as toxins. This is just one of several reasons, why we choose to raise naturally slow growing poultry breeds instead of the commercialized and industrialized fast growing breeds such as Freedom Rangers, Cornish Cross and similar. Those breeds are designed to grow very fast, although the Freedom Rangers do grow a hair slower than the Cornish Cross, they still share many similar traits.

A. Hatched in a hatchery.

B. Transported across country.

C. High Carbon footprint.

D. Burning Fossil Fuels.

E. Raised by humans and, not their mother hens.

F. Fed a "chick starter" poultry feed that contains artificial antibodies.

G.Suffer from their bodies growing faster than their organs.

H.Are not natural foragers.

I. Legs break from carrying too much weight, as they can not support,  rate of growth.

J. Not natural breeders and, require artificial insemination which, is unsustainable.

K. Make very poor egg layers which, makes this trait unsustainable.

L. Make poor setters which, makes this trait not sustainable.

M.Make poor mother hens  which, makes this trait is not sustainable.

O. Should not be raised outdoors, in open spaces, since they can not defend themselves.

P. Usually raised in "Chicken Tractors", over patches of grass, walking and pecking on their own droppings and filth while, supplemented with grains (corn, soy, wheat, barley, rye), or even worse.

Q. They are easily susceptible to avian diseases. And, the list continues, unfavorably.


What we do here, is certainly not for everyone. If all farmer's and rancher's practiced our methods; they would probably go broke, very fast. Our holistic poultry is raised for

1. Betterment of human health.

2. Human healing.

3. Disease prevention.

4. Environmental benefit. 

5. Help prevent the extinction of heritage, old fashioned chickens.

6. Sustainability, trace-ability transparency and accountability.

7. Lowering the carbon footprint.

8. Being part of the integral solution.

Holistic chickens are humanely raised on a sustainable,  holistic,  poly-culture farm and, ranch on open range. They are free to roam, scratch, peck, forage and pasture anywhere they like. They are free to roost at night, as high as they like (usually in the eucalyptus trees). Since our chickens are not raised inside chicken tractors, cages or other enclosures they never need to have their toes or their beaks clipped either. This is a common practice by many poultry growers as it helps to stop cannibalism. Cannibalism among chickens is a result of stressful living conditions, overcrowding and mental exhaustion.


Xenia's Holistic Chickens


We are very proud to announce that our farm and ranch has very low radiation levels. That's a big deal to us! Obviously, radiation is everywhere and, since Chernobyl, Fukushima and, several other nuclear accidents, there have been elevated radiation levels, globally. We take several steps to minimize any additional and,  unnecessary radiation on our farm and ranch.

Jungle Fowl come from areas where radiation levels are naturally low. This is due to the amount of tall trees and big vegetation that are naturally present in those areas. They are not  exposed to excessive electrical currents, microwaves, cell phone towers, lap tops, overhead electrical power lines, underground phone wires, DSL boxes, radios and televisions.

"Radiation sickness occurs when high-energy radiation damages or destroys certain cells in your body. Regions of the body most vulnerable to high-energy radiation are cells in the lining of your intestinal tract, including your stomach, and the blood cell-producing cells of bone marrow" (MAYO CLINIC).

We do not have radiated feeds or foods on our farm and ranch. Radiated foods include corn, soy, wheat, barley, rye and similar. We exercise, very limited use of electronic gadgets, cell phones, lap tops or similar and, Limited radio frequencies. In addition, we use radio frequency radiation protective materials.





Since our chickens  raised along their natural flocks and their mothers,  they have a stronger immune system. They are  outside year-round and get plenty of vitamin D, from the sunshine and breath, fresh clean air.  Our chickens spend their days scratching in clean soil, hunting for bugs in the organic compost, feasting on juicy earthworms and, catching flying insects. They are in optimal health and,  never administered antibiotics. Our chickens are 100% antibiotic-free.


It is glorious! Our farm is naturally pest-free. Therefore we do not have any need for pesticides (organic or otherwise). Good thing, because we are holistic bee keepers and our bees are our helpful farmers. They are our natural pollinators and keep our little orchard and little heirloom gardens flourishing. Our beautiful, hard working chickens spend the entire day, from sunrise to sunset, consuming bugs, flying insects, flies, creepy crawlers and even, spiders. Although it helps us, the other livestock and the farm. it also provides the chickens with their natural sources of proteins and fats. WIN-WIN.


As a Holistologist, specializing in apoptosis; I've personally seen the damages which are caused from consuming products saturated with Mycotoxins and Aflatoxins. Grains are the biggest problem when it comes to contamination and the types of fungus that grow on these grains are disease causing, and eventually, deadly. These disease causing molds do not discriminate against traditional or Certified Organic corn, soy, wheat, barley, rye, peanuts ets.


The U.S.D.A. approves ionizing radiation treatment to control these types of molds and fungus, and even with such severe treatment, the contamination is still considered extremely hazardous. 

Grains of this nature do not grow where Jungle Fowl originated. It stands to reason that chickens are not supposed to eat these products. It's not a HOLISTIC FOOD, when you eat eggs or poultry from chickens that have been fed toxins.


People,  sensitive to molds, hard grains, lectins and, gluten should avoid ALL "pasture-raised" poultry and eggs that are supplemented with ANY corn, soy, wheat, barley, rye, peanuts or similar. Over time, these molds can build up in your blood supply, making it difficult for your kidneys to filter properly and, can eventually lead to chronic kidney disease or renal failure.

Our poultry and eggs are raised specifically to promote healing, muscular density, anti-inflammation and to reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, obesity and leaky gut. We raise the cleanest, purest poultry and eggs to promote the integrity of both primary and secondary immune system response.


Some grains  contain the gluten proteins which are known to block the absorption of essential minerals, vitamins and,  valuable nutrients.  When chickens are supplemented even with Certified Organic corn-free, soy-free grains containing wheat, barley, rye, nuts or similar; those chickens are storing fat, not lean muscle. And, because they are consuming grains that have gluten proteins, they are not absorbing ANYTHING that is really beneficial to their stored nutritional density. These are not HOLISTIC, gluten-free chickens, poultry or eggs.

People suffering from celiac, chrohn's, leaky gut, IBS, inflammation, kidney disease, and those sensitive to gluten proteins, should avoid ALL pasture-raised poultry that is supplemented with local or non-local certified organic or non certified organic grains. As the products produced from those chickens can cause further illness or cellular damage.


Our flocks are in superior health and this transfers over to the consumer. Our poultry produce Holistic Healing food and, for good reasons. In addition, our flocks never need any supplements, especially gluten;  because they get everything they need and then some, from their culturally appropriate free-range, open-forage and bug pecking diet. 

Non G.M.O.

It is strictly forbidden to have GMO's or other genetically altered products on our premises. 

Xenia Stavrinides is the founder of The Non GMO Network. The Non GMO Network is a great place to learn about the various topics of genetically modified foods, applications, livestock breeds and some of the concerns that the community shares publicly. The Non GMO Network is administrated by Stephen Zwick (LA Chef's Column).


Although organic arsenic and cyanide are naturally occurring in nature, we do not need to add to the problems of inorganic arsenic and cyanide or, to knowingly use  products on or, around our farm and livestock. Even though contaminated products, such as bedding is allowed by the National Organic Program; we do not use them.

We do not use

Flax Seeds, Cashews, Almonds or, Rice (brown, white or otherwise).

USDA National Organic Program NOP section 205.206(f) prohibits

lumber treated with arsenic or other prohibited materials from having contact with soil or livestock. Lumber which comes in direct contact with livestock, such as hog farrowing crates or poultry nest boxes, must not contain arsenate or other prohibited materials. Sawdust or wood chips used for livestock bedding must not contain treated lumber. The wood chips or sawdust do not have to be organic, however, Section 205.239(a)(3) requires that livestock be provided appropriate clean, dry bedding. If the bedding is typically consumed by the animal species, then the bedding must be organically grown. Since sawdust is not typically consumed by livestock, it does not have to come from organically grown trees.


"Where Our Poultry Are Outstanding In Their Field"

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