1/3rd of Whole Beef


This is1/3rd of a whole beef that's, cut and wrapped; ready for your freezer!

About 80-85 lbs.
100% pastured, grazed, grass-fed and grass finished. Our cattle are all heritage, old fashioned breeds:

Irish Dexter


Black Lowline Angus

Wagyu (American Kobe)


This will be the tastiest, most beefy-beef, that you have ever tasted.

1/4 Steaks > (Fillet Mignon, Porterhouse, T-Bones, Rib Steaks, Top Sirloin, Chuck Steaks, Round Steaks)

1/4 Roasts > (rump, shoulder, 7-bone, Sirloin Tip Roast, chuck)

1/4 Ground Brisket (about 20 lbs.)


1/4 More...

Stew/Kebab (about 5 lbs.

Short Ribs, Tenderized Swiss Steaks and, Marrow Bones

"Where Our Poultry Are Outstanding In Their Field"

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