1/2 Shr. Chicken (1 Year)

1/2 Shr. Chicken (1 Year)


Pay just one time and, secure an entire year of your favorite farm fresh poultry. Subscribe to 1/2 share of chickens and get 3 chickens every month from, January through to December. Get your subscription in as early as possible, these shares sell-out fast!---


You can expect 3 whole-body organic, pasture-raised, kosher chickens each month PLUS.. you can expect FREE chicken stock bones (neck, feet more..) included every month at no extra charge. Chickens are either whole body, spatchcocked, split, cut up, classic or mixed for your enjoyment.


Subscribe now and, start your poultry farm shares in January and expect to get 3 chickens every month throughout the entire year. You'll be glad and, so will your body, mind and soul.


Peace of mind and, good health is our priority and, yours too. These perfect, heritage birds will be sure to please you and, your family. They are raised as holistically as you could ever imagine. With so much garbage going into our commercial food supply and, family farms following the same methods; It's obvious as to why, Rainbow Ranch Farms has been voted #1 in California.


Chickens at RRF are bred, hatched, raised and, harvested in the High Desert of California.

Raised with NO vaccines, NO antibiotics and, NO drugs.

Pasture raised with NO corn, NO soy and, NO wheat.

Free-ranged with NO G.M.O's, NO pesticides and, NO chemicals.

Processed with clean, fresh, cold water becuase, we care about what goes into our chickens and, we care about your good health. In turn, this is a sustainable method that deserves your attention.


When you order from Rainbow Ranch Farms several glorious things will happen.

1. You are ensuring that your family is getting allergen-free food.

2. You are protecting your good health and, that of your family.

3. You are voting to support ethical, humane and, holistic farming methods.

4. You are protecting yourself and, those you love from toxic food additives.

5. You ensure the good health and, wholesome diets for you and, your family.


Order now to secure and, start your poultry subscription in January.

Pay once and, get 12 boxes (throughout the year) of your favorite, wholesome, nutrient-rich delicious chickens from Rainbow Ranch Farms.


Do you want 1 whole share of chickens? simply order 2 of the half shares and, it is done.  Thank you for your support and, we want you to know that you are appreciated.  Xenia



  • Pick-Up

    Pick up is scheduled at the home farm in Pinon Hills, California 92372. We usually host pick-up on the first Saturday of each month (unless holiday, weather delay or, other crazy set-backs)
    We confirm pick-up day and, time through our newsletter. Please sign up to get our newsletter and, never miss another important update from your farmers and, ranchers. Thank you!

     Sign up to get our newsletter and, never miss an important update.
    To make an appointment for, private pick-up, on another day, we are happy to accomodate your needs. 

  • Delivery

    Delivery is available, nationwide (service fee applies). Delivery fee is calculated for the entire year(12 months).  Pay only once and, your 1/2 share of fresh poultry is secured for an entire year.


"Where Our Poultry Are Outstanding In Their Field"

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