1/2 Shr. Pork (1 Year)


1/2 Share is appx 5-5.5 lbs. vatiety of pork cuts automatically, every month, for 12 months straight. 


This is for 1 year (12 months)

You will get about 5-5.5 lbs. of variety pork cuts each, and every month, for 12 consecutive months. You can expect a mix from


Fresh Pork Belly

Spare Ribs

Pork Chops (Loin Chops, Rib Chops)


Shoulder Roasts (Picnic, Boston, Butt)

Leg Roasts (Fresh Ham, Leg Steaks, Fresh Leg Roasts)

Ground Pork Leg



Every time you prepare your wholesome meals with  Rainbow Ranch Farms holistic chicken, meat, eggs and, poultry you are always re-assured that your loving home cooked meals are not only prepared with your love but also, with ours. Every meal is made with wholesome, nutritious and delicious heritage "grain-free" open-foraged meat, eggs and, chickens (as nature intended).

  • Lead-Time

    Our products are in very high demand and, we grow/produce a limited supply. We process fresh, just for you and we require at  least 7-10 business days lead-time.

    We do not have previously deep frozen, old and pre-packaged, frozen goods at off-site, cold storage facilities , as most others do.

    We process "Fresh-To-Order" and your order will be processed in the order it is received.

    Thank you.

  • FAQ

    Questions or concerns, are addressed on our online FAQ page.

  • Delivery

    Re-use - Re-cycle & Re-duce waste

    Packed into a 10"X10"X10" Box (or, 12X12X12) your order is insulated to keep warm air out and, cold air inside -

    We add the correct amount of frozen non-toxic gel packs to, ensure that
    your food is safe to withstand up to 72 hours of unrefrigerated travel. We use a third party carrier that ensures that your box is delivered within 48 hours of, being picked up by our carrier.

    You willl get a tracking number and, confirmation that your label was generated by Rainbow Ranch Farms. This does not indicate that your box was shipped, only that your box label has been generated.
    Once loaded on-board the carrier truck, you will get a notification and, you can start tracking your box. Check your email (spam, inbox etc.).

    When your products arrive, they should be cold to, cool to the touch. Please refrigerate or, place inside freezer immediately.

  • Pick Up

    Pick up is scheduled once per month, usually on the 1st. Saturday of each month. Be aware that delays are a reality on a busy working farm and, ranch. We notify you via our newsletter., only Please sign up to get our newsletter and, never miss an important update.

    Bring a cooler and, enough ice or, frozen gel packs to withstand your trip back home.

    If you need to make an appointment for, private pick-up, on another day, we are happy to accomodate your needs.

    Call or, Text John: 909-515-6025

    Call or, Text Xenia: 909-634-7540

  • Vacation & Travel Hold

    Going on vacation? We have you covered. Just let us know and, we will hold your order for you. We can also deliver to any other address within the United States, at no extra cost.

    Call or Text John - 909-515-6025

    Call or, Text Xenia - 909-634-7540

"Where Our Poultry Are Outstanding In Their Field"

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