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Harvest Haven 1-Year

Harvest Haven 1-Year


Introducing Our Exclusive Year-Round Meat and Poultry Share Program!

"Harvest Haven: A Year-Round Feast for the Senses"


Secure Your 1-Year Food Supply from Jan. - Dec. with Our FFL 1-A Inspired Program—Exclusively for PICK UP!


For less than $72.00 per week, you can ensure a steady flow of prime meat, poultry, and eggs for an entire year. Our carefully crafted program guarantees you high-quality, minimally processed, and reserved produce, ready for your monthly pick-up.


Why Choose Our Program?

Reliable Supply: Throughout the pandemic, our family and members enjoyed peace of mind—no worries about meat, poultry, or egg shortages, and no crazy price increases.


What's Included in Your Monthly Pickup?

🥩 5.0-6.0 lbs. Prime pork, beef, or a delightful mix of both, in assorted cuts, every month from Jan-Dec.

🐔 3 Whole body chickens, complete with stock, neck, and feet bones, available for pick up Jan-Dec.

🥚 2 dozen farm-fresh eggs every month from Jan-Dec.


*Note: Depending on availability, your share may include grass-fed/finished beef, grain-free pork, or a delightful combination of both. Our farmer meticulously selects cuts to ensure a delightful and varied culinary experience.


How It Works:


📅 Price at checkout covers 12 months of bountiful harvests.

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Join our exclusive program today, and experience the joy of a worry-free, farm-to-table dining experience all year round. Secure your share now!





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