2 dzn. CBD/Omega-3 Rich Eggs


These eggs are laid by our heritage hens that forage on vegetation diet high in Essential Fatty Acids,  which provides them with excellent immune system support, then passed on to you, the consumer.




These eggs are a source of excellent nutrition, especially since the native, wild vegetative diet of our hens includes over 80 Essential Fatty Acids.


Amazing, delicious and nutrient dense eggs. The best you will ever taste, guaranteed.

Eggs are to be considered fertile. Our birds roam free with roosters.

Our eggs are unwashed with, bloom/cuticle still in tact and, perfect.



Hens at Rainbow Ranch Farms are not vegetarians, vegans or, pescatarian.

Hens roam with roosters and, eggs should be consiered fertile.

Hens consume bugs, grubs and, worms.

Hens are not vaccinated, as may be required by law.

Hens are never administered any drugs or antiparasiticals, as may be required by law.

Hens forage and roam-free, outside 24/7 and, are never barn-raised as may be required by law.


  • Delivery

    In the event one or, two eggs crack during transport; no worries. We always include a few extra eggs, just in case.

  • Pick Up

    Pick up at the farm in Pinon Hills, CA. 92372 is reserved for registered farm members only. If you are a registered farm member and want to order, pick-up or get delivery; please log in and order from the members only section.
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  • FREE

    FREE DELIVERY NATIONWIDE, throughout Continental USA and HAWAII to physical address only (No P.O. Boxes). No delivery to Rural Alaska at this time.

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