Lamb Roaster

Lamb Roaster


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Order the sweetest, most delicate and, succulent spring lamb that you will ever taste.


Guaranteed to be your favorite. The buttery flavors from the seasonal pastures, trend through the entire lamb anwith the perfect balance of lamb fat to lamb meat, your mouth will be watering with anticipation.


The incredible flavors of our spring lambs are unlike any other. This is due to our climate, elevation, terrian,weather and, the best indigenous, wild and, native vegetation, pastures and grasses, that are naturally occurring. This makes our spring lambs "terroir" and hands down, second-to-none.


Our lambs are true lambs and we do not sell mutton sheep, as lamb. 

This is Greek style lamb (arni, αρνί). OPA!




Pairs with asparagus, red pepper, green beans, roasted beets, caramelized carrots, caramelized sweet onions, Brussels Sprouts, 



Herbs are amazing. They help to make the taste buds dance inside your mouth. Some the best herbs that pair well with our Terroir, spring lamb, include fennel, rosemary and, basil.



The zest of an organic, fresh lemon, fresh crushed garlic, Orageno and thyme are all excellent choices that pair very nicely. 



Oh, for the love of cheese. There's nothing more robust that pairs perfectly with one of our open fire roasted spring lambs than,  Greek Feta cheese or, Cypriot Halumi.



Our whole, fire-roasted, spring, terroir lamb pairs well with Malbec, Pinot noir, Aglianico and, Rose Champagne. 


This terroir, lamb is sure to be your favorite and, impress your guests too. This lamb is bred and, born on our farm, pasture-raised on spring time, indigenous and, wild grasses and, garden pastures and, processed humanely, by us. 

That's responsible traceability.






"Where Our Poultry Are Outstanding In Their Field"

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