1 Shr.Chicken(1A)


That's about 1,152 servings of prime, pure chicken over the course of 12 months.

LESS THAN $1.82 per serving PLUS you will also get all the feet, necks and more... for making the most incredible, tasty and, nutritious stock. 



Located in Pinon Hills, California 92372


1 Share Chicken 1-A consists of

6 whole chickens each and every month,  Jan. - Dec.  

1A is 1 year (12 months)


  • Included/FREE

    You will also get feet, head and necks- FREE!!

    You can make the most wholesome, nutritious and tasty stock, soups, broth and, gravy.


  • Insurance, Shipping & Delivery

    This item is currenlty not available for packing, shipping and delivery. It's just too heavy and, the box size is too big.  


  • Pick Up

    Pick-up is scheduled for the 1st. Sat. of each month. Unless there are weather, holiday or farm-related delays. We announce delays and set backs in our newsletter. Be sure to sign up and get farm news delivered into your email. 

  • Delays & Set Backs

    Delays and set backs can happen especially, around holidays, when there is bad weather or when unexpected farm/ranch issues happen. Be sure to sign up for our farm/ranch newsletter and never miss another update or re-scheduled pick-up date.

"Where Our Poultry Are Outstanding In Their Field"

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