1/2 Shr. Mince Beef (1 Year)


Enjoy unsurpassed Kosher, grass-fed & grass-finished, heritage minced beef which, has been pasture-grown to perfection, the way nature intended.


Pure beef is superior, because it comes from cows that have never been vaccinated nor, castrated, de-horned and, never treated with antibiotics or, any other drugs. This is unlike any other certified organic, grass-fed beef.



Other 100% grass-fed beef, is not 100% grass-finished, unless specified directly on the label "100% Grass-Finished" and, all beef intended for sale to the general public has been administered anti-parasitical drugs, which can harm the human bio-digestive system when consumed. This is why only members can buy or, subscribe to our holistically grown beef.



1/2 Share of minced beef = 5-6 lbs of the best and, most wholesome, minced beef automatically, each and every single month, for 12 months straight. 



Our prime, minced beef is ground from the top quality muscle groups and, never the trimmed excess (like other ground beef).


1. KOSHER Kelley Grind = An entire carcass is de-boned and all the prime boneless muscles groups (loin, sirloin, rib meat etc) are ground into a mince, to bring you the highest quality, best tasting and most wholesome, nutrient-dense beef.

No other rancher, butcher or processor will do this!


**Most ALL others sell ground beef from scraps, scrapings and trim.**


Each pound of our heritage beef makes about 4 servings. This means that you get your essential beneficial proteins, good fats (DHA, CLA, Omega 3's), much needed taurine and other critical daily requirements met easier, faster and, for less money.

"Where Our Poultry Are Outstanding In Their Field"

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