1/Yr. Mince Beef Share (5-6X12)


Enjoy unsurpassed Kosher, grass-fed & grass-finished, heritage minced beef which, has been pasture-grown to perfection, the way nature intended.


Pure beef is superior, because it comes from cows that have never been vaccinated nor, castrated, de-horned and, never treated with antibiotics or, any other drugs. This is unlike any other certified organic, grass-fed beef.



Other 100% grass-fed beef, is not 100% grass-finished, unless specified directly on the label "100% Grass-Finished" and, all beef intended for sale to the general public has been administered anti-parasitical drugs, which can harm the human bio-digestive system when consumed. This is why only members can buy or, subscribe to our holistically grown beef.



5-6 lbs of the best and, most wholesome, minced beef, each and every single month, from Jan.-Dec. (12 months).



Our prime, minced beef is ground from the top quality muscle groups and, never the trimmed excess (like other ground beef).


1. KOSHER Kelley Grind = An entire carcass is de-boned and all the prime boneless muscles groups (loin, sirloin, rib meat etc) are ground into a mince, to bring you the highest quality, best tasting and most wholesome, nutrient-dense beef.

No other rancher, butcher or processor will do this!


**Most ALL others produce ground beef from scraps, scrapings and trim.**


Each pound of our heritage beef makes about 4 servings. This means that you get your essential beneficial proteins, good fats (DHA, CLA, Omega 3's), much needed taurine and other critical daily requirements met easier, faster and, for less money.

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  • Delivery

    delivery nationwide.

    *Holidays, bad weather, unexpected farm-related situations and other, which are out of our control, may cause processing, shipping & delivery delays.

    We send out a newsletter when there are delays. Be sure to sign-up for our newletter, to get updates.

  • Pick-Up

    We offer farm pick-up at our home farm located in Pinon Hills, California 92372. Click Here to open the turn-by-turn directions and maps.

    Pick up is scheduled on the 1st. Sat. of each month between 11 AM - 2 PM and in the event of any delays or set backs, we send out a newsletter. Be sure to sign-up to get our newsletter delivered to your email, and get updates from your farmer.

  • Heritage Breeds.

    Irish Dexter.

    Lowline Angus.

    Wagyu (American-Style Kobe)


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