1 Yr-1/2 Share Chickens

1 Yr-1/2 Share Chickens



Pay just one time and, secure an entire year of your favorite 1/2 Share of Poultr.y. Subscribe to 1/2 share of chickens and get 3 chickens every month from, January through to December. Get your subscription in as early as possible, these shares sell-out fast!


You can expect 3 whole-body organic, kosher chickens each month PLUS..

FREE chicken stock bones (neck, feet more..) included every month X12 months. Chickens are either whole body, spatchcocked, split, cut up, classic or mixed. 


Subscribe now and, start your farm shares in January and expect delivery through to December. You'll be glad and, so will your body, mind and soul. 


  • Delivery

    Delivery is available, nationwide. Delivery is monthly. Due to Covid-19, we can no longer offer specific dates. Our third pary carriers are being non-specific during this time. You will be notified when your label is generated and, you will have 24-48 hours to make changes to your label (address, delivery location etc.).

    Call or, text Xenia 909-634-7540

"Where Our Poultry Are Outstanding In Their Field"

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