2 Pack Poussin/Poulette

2 Pack Poussin/Poulette


Sincerely pure! Juicy, moist and, tasty. Just perfect! 

Since our chickens breed, hatch and, brood in every season, we always have holistic chickens. 


This is a 2 pack and, each poussin/poulet weighs from 400-600 grams (14.08 - 21 oz).  With each bite, melting in your mouth you will experience terroir, deliciousness (is that a word?). No wonder this delight is always in such high demand. 


In French "Poulette" means young chicken. Unlike other farms and ranches  we embrace the graceful perfections of poussin/poulette. Poulette or, poussin is young, tender, flavorful and features a mouth-watering delicate texture. 


We select the perfect young hens for breeding purposes and, then we select the perfect ones for, delicious poussin and, the rest go on to bless our dinner tables as either spring chicken or, seasonal chickens.  


This is a two pack and, one bird is 1 serving. Due to the smaller size, each will cook much faster than a larger chicken. 


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"Where Our Poultry Are Outstanding In Their Field"

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