3 Whole Chickens (Foraged/Pasture-Raised)


Our heritage poultry comes from Rainbow Ranch Farms in Pinon Hills, CA.

Bred, hatched and raised right on our farm.


3 Whole-Body (with feet & whole neck) Chickens, cleaned, fresh and, ready to prepare, refrigerate or freeze for later use.




Endorsed by Post Veganism

Humane and Ethical Handling Approved


From our personal reserve, these "Terroir" chickens, derived from primitive and primal breeds.This is a non-vegetarian, pastured-raised, worm-hunting, lizard munching, bug-eating, (no-soy, no corn, no wheat, no-GMO's), heritage whole chicken.


This bird was raised how chickens are meant to: bred, hatched and raised with parent flocks, outside, on native forage and on naturally wild, indeginous vegetation with plenty of safe land to roam free and, fly high to roost at night. It's hands-down, "The Best Chicken ever!" guaranteed.


Just like great grandma & grandpa's old fashioned chickens, these heritage chickens are not vaccinated, never administered antibiotics and not hatched in fumigated commercial hatcheries. In fact, they're 100% mycotoxin-free, Aflatoxin-free & allergen-free too!


The delicate buttery taste is absolutely out of this world. The tenderness is unmatched by ANY OTHER and the incredible "terroir" flavors are addictive, to say the least.


You can surley expect more wholesome dark meat throughout, more tender, darker thigh and leg meat and less breast than commercial chicken breeds.


This is a naturally slow growing breed. Unlike freedom rangers that only takes twice as long as the factory farm versions, our chickens can take from 12-14 weeks "without grains" resulting in a seriously holistic, nutritionally dense profile with impressive expression. The rich flavors and exquisite texture simply do not compare with any other. Giblets not included.


Order today and we will send you FREE stock/broth bones FREE!


Save ALL your bones, as our chicken bones make nutritious, holistic-healing bone broth  and this is a great way to help heal your gut, insulate your joints, repair perforated intestines and even stretch your farm-food dollars even further. Order Now!


+Dr. Gundry friendly

+Paleo friendly



Every time you prepare a Rainbow Ranch Farms holistic chicken you are always re-assured that your loving home cooked meals are not only prepared with your love but also, with ours. Every meal is made with wholesome, nutritious and delicious food.


I guarantee that your Rainbow Ranch Farms Physio-organic, open-foraged, pasture-raised and "Terroir" heritage chickens will be the best you have ever had because you will not find a cleaner or "holistic" feeding system anywhere! Guaranteed or your money back.


At Rainbow Ranch Farms you always buy with confidence knowing that we are your holistic, certified producers, of your pure, clean meat, poultry, eggs, raw honey & milk.



  • Details

    Xenia's Physio-Organic, Holistic Chickens

    Heritage-breeds Slow Grown
    Humanely raised on a sustainable poly-culture
    Certified Humane and Ethical
    Vaccine-free / Drug-free
    No Mutilations (no de-beak, no toe clipping, no capons)
    100% Free-range and foraged
    100% Antibiotic-free 100% non-GMO
    100% No hormones & No steroids added, not ever!
    Corn-free, Soy-free, Wheat-free  & Gluten-free
    Raised at least 12 weeks for optimum nutrient density
    Farm-to-table / Farm-to-fork trace-ability


  • Nutritional Values

    Rainbow Ranch Farms "Terroir" chickens are loaded with bio-available proteins, beneficial "good" fats, natural bountiful flavors and bursting with delicious taste.

    According to a study published in June 2000 by ožef Stefan Institute and University of Ljubljana "Chickens reared outdoors have a more favourable fatty acid composition than those of the extensive indoor rearing: the share of essential fatty acids (the linoleic a., the a-linolenic a.) as well as polyunsaturated omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids is greater." 


  • What's Included

    In Your Box

    Raw / uncooked /fresh poultry
    Bone in, skin on and FREE Stock Bones Included!
    Product of California, USA
    Keep chilled below 40 degrees(f)
    upon arrival, begin preparation, refrigerate below 40 degrees(f) for up to 2 days, or freeze for later use (freeze below 0 degrees (f) up to 15 days).


  • Sashimi (RAW)

    Some of our more confident customers even enjoy our chicken in delicacies such as "Torisashi", "Chicken Sashimi" and "Chicken Sushi", and have for many, many years. That's how PURE it is! I have tried some of those amazing cultural delicacies and, I’ve enjoyed the blasting flavors, textures and even went back for a little bit more.

    Now that's fresh, not that old, deep frozen crap, that's been stored in off-site cold storage for months or, years. *Taste It Fresh*

  • Lead-Time

    Our products are in very high demand, as we are the only U.S.A. based producer of this high quality, purity and caliber.

    We ask that you give us a lead-time of at least 7 business days to prepare your order. We only process "Fresh-To-Order" and in the order received.

    Unlike the others, we do not have old, stale, deep frozen poultry and poultry products in off-site cold storage facilities that are ready to be packed and shipped. Our customers demand the very best, the freshest and,  you deserve it.

  • Pick Up

    Pick up at the farm in Pinon Hills, CA. 92372 is reserved for registered farm members only. If you are a registered farm member and want to order, pick-up or get delivery; please log in and order from the members only section.

    If you want to become a registered farm member just click here to Join-US! and enjoy all the perks and benefits of ordering from the members only store.

  • FREE

    1.You will also get all the stock bones FREE

    2.You will also get FREE delivery

    3.You will also get FREE shipping insurance. In the event that your order is lost or, takes longer than 72 hours to land on your doorstep; we will re-pack & re-ship FREE - No hassles, no questions asked.

    4.You can also expect a FREE sample of something we produce, just for you to try, share & enjoy!

    BONUS: We also pay your taxes.

"Where Our Poultry Are Outstanding In Their Field"

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