3.85-4.0 lbs. City Slicker

3.85-4.0 lbs. City Slicker


Delivery nationwide, included. No long-term commitment. Pay-as-you-go and order as many times as you like. 


This is loaded with Rainbow Ranch Farms pure grass-fed, pasture-raised, grass-finished KOSHER beef that our fans are raving about. You can expect to get a variety that is sure to please your picky palet.


100% grass-fed AND grass-finished, pasture-raised heritage beef, from Physio-Organic cattle. This means no vaccines, no antibiotics, no tetanus shots, no castrations, no hormone implants AND, pesticide-free.


Selections are made from our amazing, beef shares:

Fillet, steaks, roasts, minced, kebabs, short ribs, BBQ steaks, Broiler cuts, fajita steaks, shoulder roasts, rump roasts, round, chuck roasts, cowboy steaks and, many more...


  • Delivery Included

    Re-use - Re-cycle & Re-duce waste. Packing materials can be re-used, recycled or, composted.

    Packed fresh to withstand up to 72 hours of unrefrigerated travel.

    We use a third party carrier that ensures that your box is delivered within 48 hours of collection by our carrier.

    You willl get a tracking number and, confirmation that your label was generated by Rainbow Ranch Farms. This does not indicate that your box was shipped but, only that your box label has been generated. Once loaded on-board the carrier truck, you will get a notification and, you can start tracking your box. Check your email (spam, inbox etc.).

    When your products arrive, they should be  cool or, cold (not deep frozen) to the touch. Please refrigerate or, place inside freezer immediately.

    If you need to change your delivery address please text 909-634-7540 or, email direct to: 9096347540@mymetropcs.com

    Thank you, from Xenia

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    Pick up is generally scheduled on the first Saturday of each month. Sometimes there may be mino setbacks related to disasters, hard weather conditions or, other situations which are beyond our control.

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    If we do not hear back from you, then it's our belief that we are good-to-go. 

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