3.85-4.0 lbs. City Slicker


Delivery nationwide, included. No long-term commitment. Pay-as-you-go and order as many times as you like. 


This is loaded with Rainbow Ranch Farms pure grass-fed, pasture-raised, grass-finished KOSHER beef that customers are raving about. You can expect to get a variety that is sure to please your picky palet.


100% grass-fed and grass-finished, pasture-raised heritage beef, from Physio-Organic cattle. This means no vaccines, no antibiotics, no tetanus shots, no castrations, no hormone implants. 


Selections are made from our amazing, beef shares:

Fillet, steaks, roasts, minced, kebabs, short ribs, BBQ steaks, Broilers, fajita steaks, shoulder roasts, rump roasts, round, chuck roasts, cowboy steaks and, many more...


  • Earn Farm Dollars

    This purchase qualifies for Farm Dollars when you opt to pick-up at the home farm. Farm Dollars can be used to purchase anything from our a-la-cart freezer and, from any of the farm fresh, organic goods sold by artisans at our exclusive, artisan market during scheduled CSA farm pick-up. 

"Where Our Poultry Are Outstanding In Their Field"

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