3 Chickens

3 Chickens


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3 Rainbow Ranch Farms Variety Pack of Heirloom Chickens. You can expect a combination from a variety of poultry that we offer such as,  whole-body, whole-classic, gourmet trimmed, 2 halves, spatch-cocked or, cut up. BONUS! You always get the necks, feet and, backs for making wholesome, mineral-rich, nutritious healing broth, stock and soup at NO extra cost to you!


Rainbow Ranch Farms heritage, wild-foraged Jungle Fowl (Nature's Chickens) are corn-free, soy-free and wheat-free. We believe that wild-foraged chickens, free to live their lives with, the freedom to exercise their optimum, natural culture; will produce healthier, more sustainable and, wholesome food. 


From hatch to harvest, birds at Rainbow Ranch Farms are vaccine-free, drug-free and, pesticide-free too. By eliminating the grain-factor, it also ensures that they are GMO-free as, most grains including certified organic, are genetically modified to some degree and, either have time-released pesticides or, they are sprayed. 


Another benefit to our holistic methods is that you no longer need to worry about the severe, toxic mold issues that comes along with grain-fed or, grain supplemented poultry. Even certified organic grains such as corn, soy, wheat and, rye are loaded in toxic molds that, include mycotoxins. Mycotoxins are highly toxic, disease causing, deadly molds that are known to cause illness, inflammation, diseases, allergies, gut problems, digestive problems, organ disease and, even cancer from prolonged exposure.


I take comfort in knowing that your meals and, ours are made with holistic, farm-fresh heirlooms which,  are also allergen-free.  This provides all of us the much needed confidence and, peace of mind by, always serving the healthiest, most wholesome and, highly nutritious meals with the intentions to heal your mind, body, gut and, soul. From Xenia.


All of us here understand that your demand for delicious meats, poultry and, eggs also be raised ethically and, we are the same way. This is why all the farm raised birds at Rainbow Ranch Farms are always  wild-foraged, on nature's indigenous vegetation with, the freedom to scratch, peck, dig and, hunt for native bugs, grubs and, worms from, sunrise to sunset and, it's no surprise that we are number one in California. 


In addition, RRF's  uniqueness extends to having its very own bio-regional micro-climate and, vast cultural systems and, this one-of-a-kind terrain contributes to being the first in "Terroir" meats, poultry, eggs and, raw honey as, "terroir" has usually been reserved for fine wines.


We guarantee that you will love every single ounce of delicious, heirloom, worm-hunting, lizard munching, bug-eating farm, fresh poultry. Your happiness and, good health is, our success. 


These beautiful birds are technically not domesticated chickens but, rather nature's original wild game-poultry, having derived from the Indian Jungle Fowl and, here they are raised how they are meant to be: bred, hatched and, raised on the farm along, with parent flocks; always outside, on native forages, consuming naturally wild, indigenous vegetation while, getting plenty of sunshine. At 4000' elevation, where the pure sunshine provides them with extensive amounts of the fat-soluable vitamin D and, by now, you probably know that Vitamin D is critical to proper hormonal balance and, a strong immune system. These values are passed on to you.


Just like my grandma & grandpa's old fashioned chickens, these are prized for their delicate, buttery taste, nutritional profiles, tenderness and, seasonal "Terroir" flavors, which continues to be, unmatched. You can expect more wholesome dark meat throughout, more tender, darker thigh and leg meat and, more flavorful and, moist breast meat, than any other heirloom chickens.


Unlike commercial breeds such as freedom rangers that only take twice as long as the other factory farm versions, these slow-grown birds can take from 12-14 weeks, which results in a superior, nutritionally dense profile with, impressive seasonal expressions. The rich flavors and exquisite texture,  do not compare with any other.


*Giblets not included.

At no extra charge to you, we will also send you the soup, stock and, broth bones as, these make highly nutritious, mineral-rich holistic-healing broth, soup, gravy, sauce and, stock. This is a  great way to help heal your gut, insulate your joints, repair perforated intestines (leaky gut) and, stretch your farm-food dollars even further.


You will get a whopping 4 filling servings from every 1 pound of meat since, you require less in consumption to acheive your nutritional needs.


+Dr. Gundry friendly

+Paleo friendly




Every time you prepare a Rainbow Ranch Farms holistic meats, poultry and, eggs you and, I are re-assured that your loving home cooked meals are not only prepared with your love but also, with ours. Every meal is made with wholesome, nutritious and delicious food and, you're guaranteed the very best from Rainbow Ranch Farms. 


Physio-organic, open-foraged, pasture-raised and "Terroir" heirloom products from Rainbow Ranch Farms will be the best you have ever had because, you will not find a cleaner, more sustainable, organically holistic feeding system, anywhere!

  • Processing

    Your order is processed in the order received. As we are the only grain-free, vaccine-free growers/producers of this caliber poultry in the USA, our demand is very high and, our supply is limited. We are a small farm and, ranch and, we appreciate your patience and, understanding.


  • Packaging

    Every bird is personally hand swaddled in un-waxed butcher paper, to ensure that your fresh, "terroir" bird does not come into direct contact with plastic becuase, we care about you and your good health.

    *Why We Avoid BPA, On Your Behalf and, Ours*


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    If we do not hear back from you, then it's our belief that we are good-to-go. 

  • Delivery

    Re-use - Re-cycle & Re-duce waste. Packing materials can be re-used, recycled or, composted.

    Packed fresh to withstand up to 72 hours of unrefrigerated travel.

    We use a third party carrier that ensures that your box is delivered within 48 hours of collection by our carrier.

    You willl get a tracking number and, confirmation that your label was generated by Rainbow Ranch Farms. This does not indicate that your box was shipped but, only that your box label has been generated. Once loaded on-board the carrier truck, you will get a notification and, you can start tracking your box. Check your email (spam, inbox etc.).

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    Thank you, from Xenia

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