Fresh Ground Pork-Loin (5-6 lbs.)


So, you love pork tenderloin (fillet), well so do we!


We take the fresh pork tenderloin, remove it from the back and grind it to perfection. It's a taste of heaven in every bite.


Rich in Vitamin D-3. This box is filled with  5-6 lbs. of fresh, wholesome, Physio-Organic Pork-Loin Grind.


Allergen-FREE -

Unseasoned,  fresh ground pork loin.

Our Heritage breeds are prized for their high quality, nutrient-density, exceptional flavor and tenderness.

  • What to make?

    Pork sausage patties
    Homemade breakfast sausage
    Swedish meatballs
    German meatballs
    Crispy Thai pork
    Stuffing casings
    Meat pie
    50/50 burgers (beef and pork) and so much more.

"Where Our Poultry Are Outstanding In Their Field"

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