Classic Chickens - Bulk

Classic Chickens - Bulk



This is a bulk buy. One time. Not an annual share. You can order this terrific money saving bulk buy as many times as you like. Great for restaurants, catering, special events and, fantastic for sharing with a co-op, family, coworkers and, friends. 


This is a 10 pack of fresh, classic chickens.


Classic Chickens DO NOT have heads, feet or, necks included. They are whole and, ready to rost, rotisserie or, prepare. 


Pick Up at the farm, fresh. The box weighs from 49-65 pounds. This is great buy!


You can expect 15 whole body, fresh (packed on ice) heritage, pasture raised chickens that are NOT individually wrapped or, packaged. These are loose packed and, on ice.  Bring your cooler!


They are ready to be cut up, butterflied, split in half or, package whole in your own packaging. These chickens can be deep frozen for up to 3 months. 



Every time you prepare your wholesome meals with  Rainbow Ranch Farms holistic chicken, meat, eggs and, poultry you are always re-assured that your loving home cooked meals are not only prepared with your love but also, with ours. Every meal is made with wholesome, nutritious and delicious heritage "grain-free" open-foraged meat, eggs and, chickens (as nature intended).


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