Whole Spring Lamb

Whole Spring Lamb


Includes Delivery.

1 whole pasture-raised, grass-fed/finished heritage young, spring lamb 

Hand carved and packaged into

2  whole lamb legs

2 whole shoulders

1 neck roast

2-4 riblet racks (depending on size)

2 loins

2 belly/breast rolls

4 cut shanks

Heart, liver and kidneys are not guaranteed, although we try to incude everything.

Sold by the whole animal and not by the pound.

Text John 1-909-515-6025 or,  Text, Xenia 1-909-634-7540

Or, email Xenia to cell phone 1-909-634-7540@metropcs.com

  • Seasonal Spring Lamb

    Our heritage-breed lambs are seasonal. Lambs are sold in May, June, July  and August.


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