Raw WILD Honey


Delicious, Wholesome and Nutritious WILD, RAW Desert HONEY loaded with pollen.

All Rainbow Ranch Farms raw, organic honey is cultivated on site.

NOT Heated - RAW
NOT Processed - As Nature Intended
NO Preservatives - May Crystallize
NO Stabilizers - May Crystallize

Our bee hives are located on our farms and ranches. The bees forage through wild, native vegetation and our certified organic gardens. Our gardens are open pollinated, by our honey bees. 


Rainbow Ranch Farms is a state (CDFA) certified and registered beekeeper with apiaries producing PURE, RAW honey in Southern California. (California Department of Food and Agriculture).

"Where Our Poultry Are Outstanding In Their Field"

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Filming & Animal Actors

Our wide variety of heritage breeds have been cast on T.V. shows, documentaries, commercials and movies. Our turkeys are official NFL turkey bowl players!


Wholesale inquiries are welcome. We service Southern California's finest restaurants, artisans and catering services.


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