Rendered Pork Lard (1 lb)

Rendered Pork Lard (1 lb)


Wholesome, delicious and, heat-safe, Vitamin-D loaded.. rendered pork lard.

Not sold by the pound, sold by the package. We reserve the right to provide a slightly larger package when needed.

Our pork lard is considered "Nutrient-Dense" loaded in beneficial vitamins D, E, A & K, Essential Fatty Acids, DHA, CLA and a with a valued Omega-3 to Omega 6 balanced ratio.

About 16 oz (1.0 lb) pound of delicious, wholesome and, nutritious fat that is naturally filled with the most safe cooking elements and, it comes from nature. Perfect for frying, baking, cooking and, great for making gluten-free suaces. 

Nutrient-dense & high-heat stable (no rancidity). The perfect option for all your healthy frying and cooking needs. Our rendered pork lard contains high levels of Vitamins A, E, D and K and a rich source of "Bio-Available" Essential Fatty Acids.


Add on about 16 oz ( 1 lb) of rendered, ready to use, homemade, perfect pork lard and, you will be smiling with happiness and, good health.  Remember to keep it refrigerated. 


This product may be packed in a glass jar, unbleached wrapping paper or, glassine. This depends on availability. All our wrapping supplies are BPA free.


We reserve the right to provide a sightly heavier amount, when needed. 

Pick Up at the farm during scheduled CSA or, order and, get it sooner by Service at the farm.


  • Stabilizers

    This product is only available to registered farm members that  pay annual membership dues. This can not be sold to the general public. 

    Laws and, regulations require that lard have stabilizers and, preservatives. Even Certified Organic. This lard contains NO stabilizers and NO preservatives. This product is only pure heritage pork lard, rendered from organic heritage pigs. Only available to registered farm members. Thank you!

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