Rendered Pork Lard (1 lb)

Rendered Pork Lard (1 lb)


Wholesome, delicious and, heat-safe, Vitamin-D loaded.. rendered pork lard.
Our pork lard is considered "Nutrient-Dense" loaded in beneficial vitamins D, E, A & K, Essential Fatty Acids, DHA, CLA and a wholesome Omega-3 to Omega 6 balanced ratio.

1 pound of delicious, wholesome and, nutritious fat that is naturally filled with the most safe cooking elements and, it comes from nature. Perfect for frying, baking, cooking and, seasoning. 

Nutrient-dense & high-heat stable (no rancidity). The perfect option for all your healthy frying and cooking needs. Our rendered pork lard contains high levels of Vitamins A, E, D and K and a rich source of "Bio-Available" Essential Fatty Acids.


Add on 1 lb of rendered, ready to use, homemade, perfect pork lard and, you will be smiling with happiness and, good health.  Remember to keep it refrigerated. 

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