3PK Chicken Sampler


Our delicious Chicken Sampler is the best way to taste the heavenly goodness of each heritage breed and, different types of cuts that we offer. It's also a terrific way to try out all your culinary favorites. Oven baked, broiled, BBQ, stir-fry, deep fry, and, even try one "smoked to perfection". Paired with your favorite spices, seasonings, sauces and herbs; nothing comes in second, guaranteed!



1 Cut-up chicken, 1 Spatch-cocked chicken, 1 whole body chicken

FREE BONUS: Soup and Stock Bones FREE!


+ Dr. Gundry friendly

+Paleo friendly

+Celiac friendly

AND Post Veganism Approved!



Every time you prepare a Rainbow Ranch Farms holistic chicken you are always re-assured that your loving home cooked meals are not only prepared with your love but also, with ours. Every meal is made with wholesome, nutritious and delicious heritage "grain-free" open-foraged chickens (as nature intended).


  • Packaging

    Each heritage chicken is Individually wrapped in RRF custom unbleached or egg shell, unwaxed paper.  Shipped just hours after your farm-fresh chickens have been fully chilled to perfection.


    Your grain-free, vaccine-free and antibiotic-free perfect chickens are NOT sealed by touching plastic or, by use of a Cryovac® system (gas injection);  because as a holistologist, apoptologist consultant and "Allergen-Free" holistic food producer, I understand that most people experience healthier and, tastier results with an all inclusive organic and, non-toxic approach.


    I want farm-fresh, pure, organic, holistic and nutritious chicken and, I think that you want this too. Thank you, from Xenia.

  • Guarantee

    I guarantee that your Rainbow Ranch Farms Physio-organic, open-foraged, pasture-raised and "Terroir" heritage chickens will be the best you have ever had because,  you will not find a cleaner holistic feeding system anywhere! Guaranteed or your money back.


    At Rainbow Ranch Farms you always buy with confidence knowing your holistic farmer/rancher (Xenia) and, knowing your farm/ranch (Rainbow Ranch Farms); We are your certified producers, for all your pure, clean & healing meat, poultry, eggs, raw honey and raw milk.


    Your farmer/rancher


  • Lead-Time

    We are a small, family farm. Our holistic, phyio-organic and allergen-free heritage chickens are in very high demand especially because, we do not use corn, soy, wheat, GMO's, antibiotics, vaccines or, pesticides, hormones and steroids.


    We require at least 7-business days lead-time, as we do not have previously deep frozen, old and pre-packaged chickens at off-site, cold storage facilities, as most others do. We process "Fresh-To-Order" and your order will be processed in the order it was received.


    This is also how we offer you our most valuable guarantee of all, and provide our products and,  your purchase with added safety and security. This is the optimum lavel of transparency and traceability, and we know that matters to you, as much as it does to us.


    Your farmer,


  • FAQ

"Where Our Poultry Are Outstanding In Their Field"

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