Bunker Bacon

Bunker Bacon


If you love bacon as much as I do; You will love this tasty-tasty bacon!

Crispy on the outside and, bursting with all of those amazing, mouthwatering BACON flavors.


Hunker down with Bunker Bacon!


Sold by the pack. Each pack is about 16 oz (1 lb) and, we reserve the right to send a larger pack as needed. 


The warm bacon aroma, cooking in your kitchen will be a sure-fire way to guarantee your smile and, to enjoy the rest of the day, as you should. 


MMMmmmnn.. seriously, the most delicious bacon that you have ever had and, it's without all that nasty stuff, that none of us want.


This is dry cured. If you want to try our farm style wet cured cured bacon; please check out our "Farm-Style" Bacon.


Pick Up at the farm during farm CSA day.

Order for faster service and, ask for Gate Side Service at the farm.

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  • Nitrites

    This product is for "MEMBERS ONLY". This product does not conmtain nitrites. The USDA, National Organic Program and, the FDA require specific amounts of nitrites in bacon, as preservatives and, to prevent food borne illness. 

    Certified Organic bacon does contain nitrites as required. This bacon is NITRITE-FREE. Therefore it can not be sold to the general public, only registered farm members, who pay annual membership dues. 

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