1 Autumn Chicken

1 Autumn Chicken


Get your fresh Automn chicken "ANY STYLE".

Since our chickens breed, hatch and, brood in every season, we always have holistic chickens. 


No matter how you want your chicken, you'll get all the stock bones too!

What's your fancy?


Whole Body: perfectly cleaned with, feet, neck and, head attached.

Classic Cut: Whole chicken with wing tips, bum, feet & neck removed.

Cut into 2 halves


Cut up into 8 pcs..2 legs, 2 thighs, 2 wings, 1 whole bone-in breast.


The seasonal heritage  chickens that forage at RRF can get pretty big. Well, by heritage breed standards, anyway.  You can expect your Autumn chicken to be foraged, open range and, pasture-raised. Generally, Autumn chickens can weigh from 3.5-5.0 lbs. Just perfect! 


Autum chickens are availabe in, September, October and, November. 

Autumn chickens forage on a variety of fruit, vegetables, greens, fallen mulberry leaves, fallen berries, pomegranates, Yucca seeds and, lots of worms from, our vermiculture beds, They follow the cows, sheep, goats and, collect what they have left behind.  


If you want a sweeter, smaller bird, please check out our selection of spring chicken, coquelet and, poussin.


Pick up at the farm on CSA farm day or, get it faster by selecting "Gate Side Service" at the farm.


"Where Our Poultry Are Outstanding In Their Field"

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