Whole "CHEF" Pigs

This is a whole-body gourmet, heritage Chef pig. It will be cleaned and ready for you to custom cut any way you want.

Rainbow Ranch Farms gourmet, heritage "grain-free" and locally raised pigs also great for rotisserie, pit, BBQ or oven.




Our suckling and roasting pigs are holistically raised on our small family farms. They are Chef and competition quality and, perfect for any backyard party, whether on a rotisserie, spit-roasted, slow cooked in a pit, butterflied/spatchcocked on a BBQ,  over an open fire or grilled over hot coals. Our suckling and roaster pigs are always guaranteed to please!


Although we try to get you the heart, liver, kidneys and leaf fat, they are not guaranteed.


This will not be cut up. It is whole.

We require at least 15 days lead time. Our gourmet pork is in very high demand and we process in the order received.


Text or call (920) 349-7675‬ for pick up, delivery options, chef prices, current size and breed availability.

How To Choose

Allow for 1 ½ pounds of pork per person.


Suckling pigs weighing less than 20 pounds usually fit in the average kitchen oven. Anything larger needs a spacious grill, pit, BBQ, rotisserie or smoker.


Any way you choose to cook your Rainbow Ranch Farms gourmet, heritage suckling or roasting pig, prepare yourself and your guests for some of the most flavorful, moist, incredibly tender meat and crispy, addictive skin that you have ever tasted in your whole life.

The Simple Facts

  • Select breeds: Kunekune, Hampshire, Red Wattle, Black Berkshire, Razorback, Mangalitza
  • Vaccine-free, antibiotic-free, drug-free
  • No hormone or steroid shots (or implants)
  • Milk-fed by sow until naturally weaned
  • Free range, open foraged on organic fruit, berries, vegetables and hemp
  • Cleaned, eviscerated and trussed
  • You get it FRESH (not frozen)
  • For best taste on fresh products, use or freeze within 3-5 days of receipt; for frozen products, use within 1-2 days after thawing


Rainbow Ranch Farms gourmet, heritage "grain-free" pigs are known for their succulent meat, nutritive values and great "terroir" flavor.

  • Delivery

    Meet up within 50 miles of 92372 - FREE

    Delivery to restaurant (fee applies)


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