2/PK Xenia's Coquelet


**TRUE "Heritage Coquelet" (Greek, French & English breeds) is RARE**!

Xenia's Coquelet are "Terroir" young roosters aged 5-6 months old. They are naturally a small game bird. True heritage and, old fashioned game birds.

The meaning of Coquelet: from the French to English means a young male rooster or young cockerel. The term "Coq" is where the word "cock"- erel" is derived from. There are some misinterpretations in online dictionaries.

Xenia's "COQUELET" are nutritious, delicious and reserve an inherit natural, buttery flavor, with tender texture which is sure to please the palate.

A moist, succulent, tender and delicious gourmet "COQUELET PASTURE BIRD" for every occasion.

Each COQUELET weighs from 1.0-1.5/lbs. each and could weigh more.
Sold by the 2-pack not, by the pound.

  • Private Reserve

    Xenia's Terroir, private reserve's, are products which we specifically produce, grow or raise for our family. When we have a few more than we need, we're always happy to share with you.


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