2/PK Xenia's Poussin


**TRUE "Heritage" Poussin (Greek, French & English breeds) is RARE**

These Poussin are NOT small standard, heritage chickens!

Xenia's Poussin are actually perfect game hens of naturally small structure and, are full grown. Each perfect "Terroir Poussin"makes a perfect meal for 1 or dinner for 2, when cut it in half.

Xenia's "POUSSIN" are nutritious, delicious and reserve an inherit natural, buttery flavor, with a tender texture which, is sure to please the palate.

A moist, succulent, tender and delicious gourmet "POUSSIN PASTURE BIRD" for every occasion.

POUSSIN usually ranges from 1.0-1.5/lbs. each and could weigh more.
Sold by the 2-Pack and not, by the pound.

  • Private Reserve

    Xenia's Terroir, private reserve's, are products which we specifically produce, grow or raise for our family. When we have a few more than we need, we're always happy to share with you.


"Where Our Poultry Are Outstanding In Their Field"

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