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Shipping Costs & Home Delivery Services

 Updated and improved shipping & home delivery services






Most of our members,  come to the farm and ranch to pick-up, monthly.

They travel from Utah, Arizona, Nevada  and, from  throughout the state of California. During their visit, they enjoy the calming atmosphere, look at the animals, basque in the quiet and peaceful environment.


While  breathing fresh air, taking in,  the picturesque background of the glorious San Gabriel Valley Mountains; they hand select specialty cuts, pick-up their orders,  shop from our amazing Artisan Market and,  visit with other like-minded people, just like you.


It really feels nice to relax while  getting to know each other, making new connections and learning about, "how and where" your food comes from. Most of all I love to meet all our wonderful farm members and enjoy developing long lasting, meaningful relationships. What counts the most, are the moments that we share together.


Farm pickup is scheduled for the 1st. Sat. of each month from 10:30 AM - 2:30 PM unless otherwise delayed or re-scheduled. We announce delays and re-scheduling in our newsletter. Please sign up for it by clicking here.



We ship perishables via UPS with services that provide Next Day Arrival (from date of shipping).  We are too small, and do not have a large enough shipping volume,  to have a business account. Furthermore, UPS or FED-EX DO NOT  insure or guarantee any perishable items. However, since we have earned our incredible reputation,  UPS, FED-EX and G.S.O.  have partnered with Rainbow Ranch Farms and have offered  our loyal customers and members, some extended advantages.

*At this time shipping costs are calculated at check-out. You can test your shipping fees by adding products to your cart and testing a check out by including your state - You can cancel or proceed.

DELIVERY COSTS (effective Jan. 1 2020)

Anywhere within California - Coming Soon!

Out-Of-State (Continental USA) - Coming Soon!


Bio-regional, unpredictable weather conditions, heavy work loads and unplanned issues can add to packaging and shipping delays. Delays are announced via our newsletter. Sign up here to get our newsletter.

Delays and updates are also announced via:


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