The Rainbow Prairie Chicken


The Sustainable Chicken


we have been raising chickens since July 1st 1991. Rainbow Ranch Farms is a California based, sustainable farm and ranch founded in 1991 when Jack Schmidt and I made the purchase of some acres in Pinon Hills, CA. located in the High Desert of Southern California;  We originally also had a goose named Nibbles, and she went everywhere with us, much like a pet dog. We had dogs, cats, chickens, rabbits and even a horse. 


Today the little farm has grown. RRF grows heritage/standard multi-purpose, dual purpose chickens using physio-organic sustainable farming methods. We are certified producers and growers of cattle, lamb, sheep, goats, turkeys, ducks, game and HOGS too.









What We Look For in A Chicken:


A Heritage, Standard Breed

Multi-Purpose, Dual Purpose

Natural Breeder

Good Setter Hen

Protective Flock R