Nuts, beans, seeds, peas, grains, legumes & vege's



Nuts are hard-shelled fruits of plants which are considered by some to be an important source of nutrients.. Some examples of nuts are hazelnuts, chestnuts, acorns and hickories ‘“ and they are characterized by the stony fruit wall which is actually a composite of the seed and the fruit.


Nuts are rich in protein, vitamins, minerals and fat; while seeds are rich in protein, vitamin B, minerals, fat and dietary fibers. One common misconception that people have about peanuts and ground nuts, is that they are part of the nuts family, but they are actually categorized as legumes.


Seeds are the small plant enclosed in the seed coat, which usually has stored food. There are some edible seeds which are considered by some, a crucial part of the diet, since they are a great source of vitamins, minerals and nutrients, which are considered by some, good for overall health.



Some seeds like sesame and poppy seeds which do not require the husks to be removed when eaten ‘“ while other seeds will require the husk to be removed. No matter what culinary requirement it is that you have, you will find that nuts are available in a variety of forms, including shelled, raw, roasted and dry roasted. Seeds are also available in raw and roasted varieties ‘“. 


1. Nuts are a one-seeded fruit, while seeds are the propagative part of a plant.