Is Vaccine Injury A Real Thing?

Yes. According to veterinarians , medical doctors, research studies and peer reviewed publications, vaccinosis is a syndrome caused by over vaccinating pets and people. Vaccinosis occurs as an adverse reaction to vaccines, presenting long-term disease symptoms, poor health and immunity.


LINK TO National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (HRSA). 

Vaccinosis: Chronic illness, discomfort, or malaise that results from immunization.


Chronic anxiety and many mental & behavioral problems, fever, tenderness or swelling around soft tissues and the GI tract."Flu-like" symptoms, loss of appetite, increased appetite, premature aging, lethargy, depression,  joint pain, vomiting, the general "blues", loose stool, autism, and anxiety. Late onset seizures, anaphylactic shock and even death have been documented as know symptoms of vaccinosis.



(2)Link Scientific Review

According to Dr. Kim Bloomer and Dr. Jeannie Thomason, chronic problems may be difficult to trace back to vaccinations or to the consumption of vaccinated foods, only because the symptoms or the health problems can begin weeks, months and even years later. However, when we understand what happens in the body when a vaccine is administered through an injection site or through consumption, we can make educated and informed deductions. Scientific research has linked most modern diseases in pets, livestock and people to vaccines, calling it "vaccinosis disease". Industry pays millions of dollars every quarter to remove "vaccinosis disease" related research from the American internet databases, blogs, online journals, and "bot trolls" under the federal act that protects Americans from mass panic. Anyway,  vaccinosis disease can be traced back to either the direct administration of vaccines or indirectly through genetic transfer or through absorption and consumption.

(3)Link  Dangers of Excessive Vaccination During Brain Development

(4)Link Microbiology and Aging (vaccinosis)


What are the Most Known Chronic Symptoms?

Irritable bowel syndrome, liver and kidney problems, glandular changes, ear infections, parasite infestation, skin problems, tumors at the vaccination site, stomach cancer (through consumption), allergies and cancer. Certain vaccinations have been shown to compromise the immune system rather than enhance it, setting the body up for disease rather than preventing it. More symptoms below

  • Large, voluminous, smelly stools

  • Tooth decay

  • Bad breath

  • Body odor

  • Dry skin

  • Tartar-laden teeth that require yearly dental care

  • Destruction of collagen leading to premature aging

  • Obesity

  • Water retention

  • Infertility

  • Hyperactivity or laziness

  • Parasites 

(5)Link Yale Study: Vaccines Linked To Mental Disorders

(6)Link Risk Of Anaphylaxis After Vaccination  (Anaphylaxis can occur after exposure to allergens from a variety of sources, including food, venom, drugs, and immunizations. Virtually all vaccines have the potential to trigger anaphylaxis)


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