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                                                             Reasons I Don't Use GMO's On My Farms & Ranches

GMO's are and, have been for many years a controversial topic. Although genetically modified foods animals and, seeds may be permitted by the National Organic Program (equivalent to), it simply does not fit into my Physio-organic, holistic methods. 

I'm not a bioengineer. I don't understand enough about genetically modified foods to say "YES". I don't believe that these GMO foods and GMO animals where engineered for my use. I understand that most farmers and ranchers use or, rely on GMO seed grains and pest resistant strains of grasses, grains and fast growing livestock etc. I understand. Commercial farms and ranches are growing food to feed the masses at the cheapest price possible. This is in demand. If not those farmers and ranchers then, who, You? It's complicated.

I don't have a need or use for GMO's. My operation is so small and insignificant when compared to the grander scale. I enjoy raising old fashioned breeds of livestock. Livestock that are either in danger of becoming extinct or recovering from possible extinction. I find joy in raising livestock on heirloom, organically grown food and wild, native eco-safe pastures and grasses. It's awesome to me. 

I grow a very limited amount food. Enough for my family, good friends and like-minded supportive farm members like you. Of course, it's more costly and far more time consuming. The livestock take 3-4 times longer to reach market weight and I lose some heirloom crops to wild critters. In the end we believe that the health benefits far outweigh the disadvantages. 

by Xenia Stavrinides 2009

Updated: 2011, 2012, 2014, 2018, 2020, 2023

antibiotic-free gluten-free allergy-free

Vaccination (eCFR)


Antibiotics (NOP Summary)


PART 205—NATIONAL ORGANIC PROGRAM § 205.238 Livestock health care practice standard.

(c) The producer of an organic livestock operation must not:

(2) Administer any animal drug, other than vaccinations, preventives, and pain relief medications, in the absence of illness;

"other than vaccinations, preventives, and pain relief medications"


"Administer any animal drug, other than vaccinations": This means that vaccines from live or dead virus, tetanus included are permitted by the National Organic Program. 

"Preventatives" This also means that antibiotics can be used after castration as a preventative measure and permitted by the National Organic Program. 


"Pain relief medications" This also means that in the case of knocking out an animal to perform castration, using something like Ketamine, is also permitted by the National Organic Program.

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