Pesticides are just as dangerous and, hazardous to your health, as any other drug or, chemical. 

I know some people love to throw "organic" around, as if it's an, all inclusive term that means "good" and, that is simply not the reality. 

Pesticides, herbicides and larvicides cause death, to living insects, larvae and, other living organisms. These types of products either attack the exoskeleton or, the systems related to digestion, reproduction, respiratory or nervous systems. 


What happens to birds that eat those dead or, dying insects?

What happens to small insects that eat those tiny living organisms, killed by these methods?

Where do these poisons, eventually go?

Who eats, consumes, drinks or, is exposed to,  the end result? The answer is, "you, our children, me, future generations and, everyone else". 


I believe that each of us, should have the right to pick our own poisons. This means, if you feel like smoking a fine cigar, from time to time, you make that choice, knowing the consequences. If you feel like taking whey supplements, you make that choice, knowing the consequences. And, if you want to eat only, greens and vegetables; you do it by choice.

Breathing, consuming, eating, drinking and, applying poisons to our bodies causes harm. Maybe the harm does not always show right away. Sometimes it's time released and, shows up later, down the line. 

Most pesticides are neurotoxins which means that they attack or, affect the nervous system or nerves. More specifically, Neurotoxins are toxins and, poisons, destructive to nerve tissue (causing neurotoxicity) and, affect healthy functions, in both developing and, mature nervous tissue. This means people in all growing stages and, ages are,  affected by the impact. 

I do not approve the use of poisons, toxins and deadly agents that can cause harm to the environment, ec-system, water supply, air quality, the little critters, animals, livestock, crops, people and, to the end consumer.


Worse yet, is when entities, companies, people and corporations apply toxins and poisons to consumer goods, without the knowledge or, consent of the consumer. I am a consumer. My family is made up of consumers. My friends and customers are all consumers. I believe, we have a right to know and, a right to choose based, on complete and honest information. 


Pesticide use is not sustainable for the same reasons that, chemotherapy does not work, over 90% of the time( on cancer). In cancer, chemo is used as, an ongoing, research study to determine the average size that cancer growth shrinks vs no shrinkage. If the patient died during the course of chemo, the death of the patient is not calculated, only the amount that the amount the growth actually shrank (or didn't shrink). 

In few cases, there is enough shrinkage to determine "remission status". Remission is a waiting game and, in the event the cancer comes back, it's with a vengeance. This is because, the cancer becomes resistant to that chemo. So next time, another type of chemo may be suggested. 


In cattle management, it's well known that pesticides should be alternated either annually or, once every two years. This is standard, to prevent pesticide resistance. This is a vicious cycle, with no end in sight. Sadly, most all small family farms, ranches (organic  and non-organic) use these applications.



Glyphosate is an ingredient in a product called Round Up. A pesticide widely used on many organic, traditional and, other agricultural applications. 

Asbestos is an ingredient used in talcum powder. This has been used on new born babies for many decades.


Rainbow Ranch Farms is 100%



It is glorious. Our farm is naturally pest-free.


There is no need for any pesticides on Rainbow Ranch Farms, none (organic or, otherwise).  This is awesome for many, many reasons and also because, we are  loving, holistic bee keepers and, we care about our honey bees.  Our bee hives, house our natural pollinators, keep our little orchard and, heirloom garden flourishing. They also provide, raw, delicious, nourishing honey and, pollen.


Our beautiful, hard working heritage chickens spend the entire day, from sunrise to sunset, consuming bugs, chasing flying insects, catching flies, hunting creepy crawlers and, spiders.  This is not only completely natural, Physio-organic and, holistic; but, also it sustain-ably provides the chickens, with their complete and, necessary, species-specific dietary and mineral requirements. 


If they were confined to chicken tractors, barns and, cages; this would not be possible. When chickens are confined to chicken tractors, barns and cages, they are exposed to pesticides (organic or, non-organic). Otherwise they are at high risk of getting sick from, contaminated food and, getting infection from insect bites. 


Since our chickens are raised outside year-round, they  get plenty of native, wild vegetation and, they spend their days scratching, digging in rich soil, hunting bugs, turning the organic compost, feasting on juicy earthworms and, catching flying insects. Their crops are always full of good wholesome chicken food, that otherwise would be considered "pests".


Over the past 2 decades, we've faced some of the most terrible challenges. There have been situations and, circumstances that we never thought, we would get through especially, without pesticides but, we never gave in and, did not give up.


We fought our ways through extreme livestock issues and through it, we stood strong with hope in our hearts and, we believed that our faith, good sense, experience and, knowledge would bring solutions, to last a lifetime. 

There were times of considerable discomfort and even great embarrassment. situations that, tested my patience and, made me second guess, myself, my experience, knowledge and, even my own ethics. 


Although at times, desperation set in; we knew that once we started with pesticides, even organic approved; that the flies, mites, ticks, fleas and, mosquitoes, would eventually become resistant and, that would make things much worse.


We were very concerned about the health, safety and, comfort of all our livestock (pigs, chickens, turkeys, cattle, goats, sheep, honey bees and, the worms too). Flies can be extremely damaging to many livestock breeds and, many types of insect bites can lead to serious health problems, that can cause disease, illness, infection, weight loss or, death; so, we worked around the clock and, I mean, "hands on" and, it was really-really tough. At one point, I really thought, that it was a lost cause. 

I began to combine bio-secure measures, along with my epidemiology, pathology and, microbiology studies to create, sustainable systems that, went far outside the traditional "box of thought".  This was not easy and, still requires many hours of daily labor, to maintain.


Our beliefs, helped us to hold on to that trust and, we gave it our all. With time, we emerged, "the victors". Our pest-free farm/ranch environment, ensures no pesticides are needed and, that our livestock live and, thrive in comfortable, safe, secure and, in naturally pest-free conditions. One persons pests are, another ones poultry food.


We could not be happier with these terrific environmentally safe and ecologically beneficial, pest-free management systems, and, incredibly, the beneficial results are sustainable. More importantly, our customers are very pleased with the results and, we are thankful to all of you, who have stood by us, through thick and, thin.