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It's not all cotton tail bunnies and, unicorns. This procedure is very delicate and, should only be performed by a highly skilled and, knowledgeable person with, experience. No matter the chosen process, accidents can lead to devastating effects such as cracking the tusk and damaging the jaw. 

Boars confined into a squeeze and, having their tusk sawed-off by a gigli wire may experience stress, pain, discomfort, shaking and screaming.  I could not do that to, this incredible living masterpiece, Oreo. 

WARNING: All methods of tusk trimming and, removal can be very dangerous and cause tremendous damage. 

When Oreo needed his tusk trimmed, it was brutal. His tusks had overgrown into his cheek causing an open wound. This wound made it painful for Oreo to eat and we had to take fast, effective measures to solve this problem without, causing him further pain, discomfort, stress or fear.

Most hog ranchers will confine the boar into a squeeze or, apparatus to limit the movement of the boar. This can cause stress to the boar and, make them feel scared. Usually, hog ranchers use a gigli wire-saw, often used in medical procedures such as amputation. Most amputations are performed under anesthesia for the comfort of the patient. Have you ever had a root canal without anesthesia? Could you imagine having your tooth sawed off, while confined and, unable to move? I could not imagine the terrifying feeling of each and every movement, back and, forth. Ohh No!

I took a different approach. An approach that has been criticized by conventional farmers and, ranchers. And, that's alright. 

I was able to cut off the tusk, while Oreo was still relaxing under his shelter and, without any restraint at all. He remained calm and, trusting every step of the way. In addition, Oreo never felt any discomfort at all. That's what I call "humane and, ethical treatment." Thinking of the living masterpiece and, doing what's right for them is, much different from thinking of ourselves and, following the "norm". 

A lot of things are easier but, takin the short cut is not always the best route. It's like throwing garbage out of the car window. 

Indigenous, native pasture land is not just any pasture land. It's part of the native landscape and, regenerates, seasonally, as needed by the ecological system. 

A native, wild and indigenous pasture-land is untouched by construction and, it's created by the natural landscape to thrive. Everything that the rabbits, cows, sheep, lizards, snakes and, goats need to thrive, is naturally available to them. 

Appreciating the symbiotic systems with the native ecological systems makes daily functions move, in unison. Pests and weeds are only considered unwanted pests and, weeds when you do not know or, understand their core functions.  Rats serve an important purpose on a living, edible gallery. I don't like rats, as much as you but, let's face it, they serve a purpose. Rats control mice, beetles and, cockroach populations.  Cockroaches are disgusting but, the fact is that they too, serve an important purpose by cleaning up what garbage, is left behind. In turn, chickens kill and, eat mice, beetles and, the pigs even kill and eat snakes. There is nothing that you or, I can do to stop the order of nature And, we should not want to. When most others go haywire with pesticides, herbicides and, poisoning; We say "embrace nature", learn to make nature your friend and, appreciate the relationship through proper, holistic and, responsible management. 

Cover crops are critical to soil health and, regenerative systems. Especially, here in the Desert where the winds blow in gusts that can exceed 60MPH. It's critical to protect the top soil and, all the valuable soil nutrients. Another important action to take is, allowing the soil to rest and, prevent over-grazing, over-fertilizing and, top soil destruction. 

The most valuable ways that we have discovered to make our footprint benefit the regenerative process is, to be is unison with our ecological systems. Making a strong impact through small improvements also means that we will leave the environment in a much better way, than we found it. 

Sone of the most wonderful features of our living, edible gallery is the sheer variety of heritage breeds of livestock.  Another, is the abundant native vegetation. One of my favorite times is when I start to save seeds from our crops and, separate them for next season. I love heirloom seeds and, enjoy heirloom greens, vegetables and, fruits. Another benefit is that we only use our own fertilizers, mulch and, compost. This guarantees that every piece of edible art is truly sustainable and, regenerative  without, G.M.O's  or, pesticides.

Artisan Projects - In The Works

From septic tanks to, outhouses and, rotational pastures. From cover crops to, dry farming and, bio-digesters. We practice sustainability and, ensure that we are growing, cultivating and, harvesting the foods that help your body heal and, stay healthy. 

Food Baskets Provide for the Community. Rainbow Ranch Farms CSA .

Filming and recording at our farms and, ranches is common. We are open for media, network shows, documentaries, National Geographic, radio, news, movies, commercials, YouTube videos, Instagram shoots and more. And, that's transparency.