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2023 We will let you know when we're ready to accept pre-orders for our pasture-raised turkeys. Announcement in our newsletter. 

Free-Range, Pasture-Raised, Open Foraged & GRAIN-FREE

California Grown Heritage Turkeys

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Within Southern California, your turkey will be shipped-out on the week of thanksgiving.

Out-Of-State, your turkey will be shipped out the week before thanksgiving to avoid carrier delays.


Pick-up at the farm:

Pinon Hills, Ca. 92372

by appointment 

Text 909-634-7540



No Steroids

No Hormones

No Pesticides

Most perfect turkey ever, guaranteed!

Your heritage turkey is slow-grown to perfection (6-9 months).


Your heritage turkey is the most beautiful centerpiece. Tasty, tender and bursting with natural flavors that are sure to please.


Your turkey will always marvel with bountiful flavor, delicate texture and amazing natural juice retention.



Your highly palatable desire for California, country-style heritage turkey, helps to support and protect rare endangered and, critically endangered turkey breeds from becoming extinct. Thank you!

Featured On CBS News HealthWatch

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If you check-out using "manual Payment", your turkey order may not be recorded or, completed. Please check your invoice, credit card or, debit card for completed payment.

If you do not have a record of your completed order, neither do I. Please check your order carefully. Thank you! From Xenia

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