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 May 17: LA Times Farmers Market Watch by David Karp

2013 Dec. 11: CBS News & KCAL9 News: FDA limits antibiotic use in livestock

2013 Man Up America:  PHOTO History Channel w/Producers Scott Messick &  Dan Taberski 

2013 Thanksgiving Day N.F.L. Game: Featuring our heritage turkeys

2013 The Morning Show

2013 CBS Los Angeles

2013 The Green Challenge: With Regina Hall (Think Like a Man) & Professor Gregory Schwartz

2013 Examiner, LA Chef's Column by Stephen Zwick

2013 Day in The Life Of: Rainbow Ranch Farms DITLO

2012 Good Morning America

2011 NPR To The Point KCRW (89.9FM) 

2011 Swanson Health Center

2011 KNX (1070 AM)  

2009 Green World by Lou Murray

2007 Enviro Times by Lou Murray 

2007 Huntington Beach Independent News by Vic Leipzig and Lou Murray

CBS News, talks to Xenia (Rainbow Ranch Farms) about the health risks associated with the use of antibiotics in livestock which produce, poultry, meat and eggs. 

KCRW Talks to Xenia (Rainbow Ranch Farms) about the food revolution (Blah Chicken, Bland Tomatoes & the Food Revolution)

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Experts question the use of antibiotics in Livestock
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