Located in Southern California, about 90 miles N/E of Los Angeles    

Rainbow Ranch Farms

Pinon Hills, California 92372

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This is a private residence. Rainbow Ranch Farms is female owned and operated. Privacy and safety are equally a critical matter, not to be taken lightly. For the health, safety, and privacy of our family members, resident farmers and ranchers, as well as our volunteers, farm members, customers and our livestock, we do not advertise or post our home address to the general public, especially on the internet.

We raise highly specialized, rare, endangered and prized livestock breeds, by the cleanest methods possible. We take the quality of livestock care and, the safety of our holistic food very seriously. This is people's food!


We can not have people just popping by whenever they feel like it or making their rounds from farm to farm. it's not that kind of place.  We enjoy our safety and privacy as much as we enjoy making new friends. We have learned from our mistakes, and that's another reason why we are still #1 and,  second to none.


Our Livestock are never vaccinated or administered drugs or antibiotics. It's our job to prevent accidents and any cross-contamination from unexpected visitors and surprise guests. Additionally, our livestock do not want to be stolen or, worse.


As ethical livestock stewards, trust-worthy people and, responsible holistic farmers, it's our duty to protect our family, your family, our home, our livestock, personal property and equipment. In addition, our wide open transparency and your confidence, means a lot to us. I'm sure we can all agree that the safety of our food and, yours, is of great importance. 


It's our responsibility to make sure we know each and every person that comes to our home, visits the animals, shops from our farm stand and connects with our family, friends, farm members and our customers. This is how"An ounce of PREVENTION is worth a pound of cure"(Benjamin Franklin).


The home-farm location is available to registered farm members and personal guests, who have placed an order for pick-up. Subscribe to our newsletter to be notified of our next pick-up date. We operate 5 different locations (pastures and graze land) within Southern California, and we want to be certain that someone will be here to greet you when you arrive.

Farm and ranch locations & physical addresses are NOT posted ANYWHERE on the internet. Physical addresses which you find on the internet are NOT correct! 

"Where Our Poultry Are Outstanding In Their Field"

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