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Rainbow Ranch Farms

Pinon Hills, California 92372

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Welcome to Rainbow Ranch Farms - A Haven of Heritage and Holistic Living

Rainbow Ranch Farms invites you to experience a unique blend of nature, holistic, and sustainable living through our private living gallery. Nestled in a country-style, desert farm and ranch setting, our private residence is a sanctuary for live animals, preserving rare, endangered, and prized heritage livestock breeds. Located in Pinon Hills, California 92372 where the Mojave Desert meets the San Gabriel Valley Mountains.

The Private Living Gallery

Our private living gallery offers an immersive encounter with the charm of country living. Picture a scenic landscape where animals roam freely, surrounded by the beauty of the desert. It's not just a farm; it's a lifestyle—a harmonious blend of nature, culture, and tradition.

Privacy and Safety

In our commitment to the well-being of our family, pets, and livestock, we prioritize privacy and safety. For this reason, we do not publicly list our addresses on the internet. Be cautious, as addresses found online may be incorrect, and GPS or Google maps directions could lead you astray into unexpected rural areas.

Addresses, locations, and turn-by-turn directions to Rainbow Ranch Farms and ranches are exclusively shared with family, friends, and registered farm members. This ensures a secure and personalized experience for those who truly appreciate and understand our mission.

The Art of Preservation

At Rainbow Ranch Farms, we consider the preservation of rare, endangered, and prized heritage livestock breeds as an art form. Our approach to farming and ranching is truly unique—we proudly abstain from the use of vaccines, antibiotics, drugs, de-horning, or castration. This commitment reflects our artisanal work of passion, ensuring the animals thrive in their natural state.

Holistic and Wholesome Living

Step into a world where wholesomeness takes center stage. Our holistic, terroir-driven, and edible art is cultivated on a very small scale, emphasizing quality over quantity. It's an intimate process that yields products of exceptional taste and nutritional value.

"An Ounce of Prevention..."

As Benjamin Franklin wisely said, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." This sentiment echoes throughout Rainbow Ranch Farms, emphasizing our dedication to preventative, holistic practices in farming and ranching.

Join us on this extraordinary journey into a world where tradition, sustainability, and passion converge. For those seeking an authentic and enriching experience, Rainbow Ranch Farms awaits.

For inquiries, please text 909-634-7540 or Email

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