Rainbow Ranch Farms

Pinon Hills, California 92372

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 This is a private living gallery.. The gallery features live animals on a country-style, Desert farm and, ranch setting with, a private residence. For the continued good health, safety and, privacy of our family and, edible art,  the address is not advertised or, posted publicly and, especially not, on the internet. Addresses found online are incorrect and, any attempt to visit without proper turn by turn directions, may lead to becoming lost.


Turn by turn directions to the home-gallery located in Pinon Hills, California 92372 are available on this website. Please log in or sign up to gain access.


Artisans at Rainbow Ranch Farms developed, created and, initiated the art of raising highly specialized rare, endangered and, prized livestock breeds, without the use of vaccines, antibiotics, drugs, de-horning or, castration in the mid-late 1990's. As this also includes beekeeping; it's imperative to protect our gallery, artisan goods and to, take every precaution necessary to ensure the health, safety and, integrity of every operational aspect.  


"An ounce of PREVENTION is worth a pound of cure"(Benjamin Franklin).

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