About Rainbow Ranch Farms, Your Farmers and Ranchers 

(by Leif J. Stevens)

Xenia Stavrinides and Dennis Kelley photo with Pepper (boar) at Rainbow Ranch Farms.

The First Steps to healing includes respect and appreciation for the native lands,  preserving water, clean air, and cultivating soils. Improving the current food system and health-care crisis means raising livestock, crops and healing foods by physio-organic standards as "intended by nature"

Our Standards

Rainbow Ranch Farms is a fully transparent small, sustainable, physio-organic farm and ranch with a physio-organic and holistic  approach.  The home farm is located in a bio-regional, micro-climate of  Southern California 's High Desert/Mojave Desert (where the High Desert meets the San Gabriel Valley Mountains). Rainbow Ranch Farms extends beyond the home farm to include local organic and native graze-land, pasture land, goat ranch-dairy, Apiary (Bee Yards), organic hay growing field and a grain-free, pesticide-free, vaccine-free, antibiotic-free chick hatchery, hog ranch, cattle ranch, sheep ranch and heirloom gardens.


Rainbow Ranch Farms raise many livestock species and breeds including American, Med, Greek, Cypriot, New Zealand, Australian and European breeds; some are standards, others on the verge of extinction, very rare or endangered. 


I've known Xenia for over 15 years and,  she is passionate about preserving good health, old fashioned farming methods and protecting the integrity of our lands, the environment, ecological systems, air, water and protecting a clean food supply.  Xenia is a professional Holistic apoptologist, a licensed minister, counselor, certified health and fitness instructor, holistic farmer, organic rancher, holistic veterinary healer, Bio-Security specialist, non-GMO advocate and has helped guide and teach many people who have been diagnosed with terminal illness, obesity, disease, inflammation and food allergies how to take control of their own health and happiness. Xenia is the founder of the Non-GMO Network, Food is Free Inland Empire, Food is Free High Desert, the Inland Empire Co-Op and the High Desert Buyers Club. 

Rainbow Ranch Farms  is a certified producer growing the foods that help heal the body and nourish every cell. Specializing in nutrient-dense pure foods that support both primary and secondary immune systems which also provide well-balanced mineralization, plenty of essential fatty-acids, as well as, naturally occurring enzymes from clean whole-sourced nutrition (vitamins, minerals, proteins, good fats and fibers) and not from supplements.  


it's important to also feed and heal the soil in which the heirloom and regionally-native (non-gmo) foods are grown, as this is also an integral part of holistic healing solutions.

"Cancer does not result from chemotherapy defiency" (Xenia Stavrinides)

Rainbow Ranch Farms agricultural practices are part of a holistic approach ministry. Providing informational and educational  materials, as well as scientific studies and research data, for those seeking disease prevention and healing without toxic applications.

Some of these methods stem back to ancient traditions found in Cyprus, Greece, the Mediterranean regions, Asia, South America and classical Europe. 


"Understanding the symbiotic relationships that people share with the environmental cultures is critical to implementing strategic healthy balance. Rainbow Ranch Farms grows seasonal drought resistant crops, bio-regional native foods because it helps create solutions not only for the drought region but also  supports  the symbiotic relationships that people share with the environment ." (Xenia Stavrinides)

Hand painted sign by Dennis Kelley at Rainbow Ranch Farmss.

Rainbow Ranch Farms steadily peaks the interests of media, entertainment companies, documentarians, stock photographers and filming scouts. Rainbow Ranch Farms has been featured in local and nationwide news, television, commercials, movies and various other productions, and the beautiful, heritage breed turkeys at RRF have been featured as the official keys during NFL "turley-bowl."

About Our Eggs

Free-range, pasture-raised and foraging heritage chickens at Rainbow Ranch Farms

Often described as a well cultured Holistician and a polymath. Xenia is passionate about pure food, disease resisitance, good health, and ecological balance. Her expertise extends beyond applied physio-organic and holistic agricultural methodologies. 



Other projects include:

>Water remediation, in one of the largest water projects known in the state of California.


>Bringing awareness to the severe dangers associated with excessive antibiotic use in livestock


>Bringing awareness to misleading food labeling, and the use of vaccines, antibiotics and other ingredients used in Certified Organic labeled foods. 


>The dangers of using grains (organic or not) to feed livestock,  and the association of "MYCOTOXICITY" transfer to the consumer.


"Where Our Poultry Are Outstanding In Their Field"

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