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A Little Book Written By Xenia Stavrinides

Lori Enright, President of the American Kunekune Breeders Association; is the inspiring force behind this small, informative book. Lori encouraged me to just write down what I do in my kitchen. She insisted that I did not need to be a professional author to do so. Lori thought it would be a helpful guide to those purchasing free-range, pasture-raised meats from Rainbow Ranch Farms. 


I'm usually way too busy to cook and, prepare full course meals so, for me it's just so much more convenient  to get more than just one meal from a beef roast, chicken, turkey, a slab of pork or a small leg of lamb. I enjoy the cooking process and,  I take the time to really experiment.  

I host a Stone Soup event every year and, if you bring your book, you will get in for FREE (save $35.00) (covid-19 update).

Everyone has a great time, it's really a blast! We have demonstrations, speakers, open farm stand and, of course a luau pit, BBQ dining and, some members bring a side dish to share and, others beverages. It's supported by our amazing Rainbow Ranch Farms community and ,if you like to meet new people, who share a like-minded philosophy; we want to meet you!

The Perpetual Stew is available at Amazon in E-format, Kindle and paperback. 

Kindle Version
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