"Where Our Poultry Are Outstanding In Their Field 

Doing It Nature's Way,  As Nature Intended", 


Methods and, standards not set by groups of people, but rather, created by nature.

Forged From Sheer Necessity

"Necessity is the mother of invention". A need or problem encourages creative efforts to meet the need or solve the problem." Greek philosopher Plato.


In keeping with my grandparents old fashioned methods,  heritage poultry raised on Rainbow Ranch Farms are naturally hatched and, raised on the farm.

We believe that enjoying a  life of "free - foraging" on wild, native and, indigenous seasonal vegetation; produces the most nutritious, humanely-raised poultry, with a distinctive "terroir" texture, taste and flavor profile.


Although the many breeds of heritage poultry at Rainbow Ranch Farms are busy scavenging through the orchard, tromping in the garden,  pecking and, eating bugs; they always make time for beetle hunting, dirt-scratching and compost-digging.  Additionally, they thrive on an abundance of fresh, seasonal organic fruits, greens and vegetables; and run around the farm, from sunrise to sunset. At sunset, they begin to fly high up into the eucalyptus, mulberry, pine and, Tamarix trees to, roost for the night.

When you see them, thriving in their natural environment, munching on worms, sunbathing, molting and, roosting; we think that you will agree, that you've found exactly what you have been craving.

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"As Nature Intended",  "Physio-Organic"

Methods and, standards not set by groups of people, but rather, created by nature.

Rainbow Ranch Farms is a private living gallery on a country-style farm and ranch setting with, a private residence.  


Seasonal edible art by artisan and, curator Xenia Stavrinides.

Each individual piece is an original and, exclusively cultivated, packed and, wrapped, just for you. Edible artisan art is in extreme demand and, there is a limited supply. Please join us today and, enjoy monthly shares of our bountiful harvests. See and, feel the difference in your health in, no time at all.

Doing It Nature's Way! 

Since 1991

Slow growing heritage breeds make sense because, when they are slow grown they utilize all of the nutrient values in developing strong bones, dense muscles and a sharp central nervous system. Slow grown also means they can grow in a holistic manner that their organs, heart and liver, keep up with their natural growth cycles.  

Old fashioned, heritage breeds are perfect in every way and, that's because they derived from within nature and, not by genetic alteration. The nutrient profiles of naturally slow-growing breeds are more intense than their fast-growing counterparts, this is mostly due to stored nutrition. When the animal is young it requires all of it's nutrition to continue growing, to develop strong bones, healthy organs, connective tissue and,  it's not until it reaches full maturity, when the extra good stuff gets stored. That's what you and, I are looking for in our meat. Maturity benefits the animal and, you. This is sustainable in every way! Nature is cruel and, we love our animals. We wish them harmony, peace, long healthy, happy and, fruitful lives. As holistic artisans cultivating and curating over edible art, it's our responsibility to serve each and, every living masterpiece, very well and without compromise.

The spring time brings beautiful native vegetation. Vegetation naturally occurring to our indigenous landscape. The honey bees begin to buzz among the tiny Desert flowers and, this is the time when our orchard of figs, pomegranates and, mulberries begin to develop fresh leaves. The giant grasses that we planted during the mid 1990's have acclimated and, start to sprout new shoots for the pigs, goats, sheep and, for the cows. The chickens, ducks and, turkeys scratch, dig and forage in the deep mulch searching for delicious, native and, indigenous delights. The summer comes fast and, with raging heat the animals bask in the sunshine absorbing the nutrients from the sun rays. The fruits on the trees begin to ripen and, our early heirloom plantings thrive in the full sun and, partial shades. The winter's edge is harsh, bitter and freezing. The sheep begin to lamb and, as always it is like a miracle to me, that those precious lambs, thrive in the snow. It brings me great joy to let you know that our chickens, turkeys and, our ducks actually breed, set and, hatch all year regardless of the temperatures. A true testament to an all inclusive environment. The high gusts of winds permeate the Desert, especially during the fall/autumn. Cleansing the air, purifying the environment. Keeping up with fallen structures can be daunting and, appear, never ending. However, this too is part of the natural order and, serves great purpose. The rains are few and, far between and, when it rains it, pours down into flash floods. Other times, the sky opens it's arms and, hard, marble sized round beads of hail, rein. Our lifestyle bonds with the natural landscape and, ecological systems. We are proud and, overjoyed to be stewards and curators for the combined overall benefit. 


So many beautiful breeds of livestock become endangered, critically endangered and even extinct all too often (more) and, setting out to make a real difference means taking extra steps, to ensure that we are truly,  taking part in the integral solution. No matter the challenges, the hard work and, extra personalized care required; at Rainbow Ranch Farms all edible art is created with love, kindness, respect and, appreciation.

We stand up, do the hard work and, demand clean food rights

When the FDA took the ropes, over all U.S. agriculture (Food Safety Modernization Act 2012), we immediately read the full act and responded within days. This allowed Rainbow Ranch Farms to continue raising livestock without any vaccines, antibiotics or castration (tetanus shots).

Vaccines are designed to stay in the body.  They contain carriers that cross the Blood Brain Barrier (BBB). Some contain dangerous heavy metals and, others are made with multi-species proteins, known to aggravate or disrupt the immune system response (more). Some vaccines may cause additional health related problems. Although, the United states Department of Agriculture (National Organic Program) considers vaccines, antibiotics and pain killers, an accepted livestock care practice under "preventative measures" (USDA/NOP), recent studies and, research show that these may cause more injury than wellness (more). Additionally, we are not convinced that consuming animal vaccines, antibiotics and pain killers through our meat, poultry, eggs, raw dairy and raw honey is really all that safe. In nature, animals get all their necessary antibodies from their parent stock. In addition, in nature, animals do not practice surgical castration, de-horning, administration of vaccines, antibiotics or artificial insemination. Basically, these all too common acts, committed by farmers and ranchers,  are the opposite of natural, ethical, humane and, organic. And, this very well, maybe one or, more of the causes that make people just like you, sick.



Food related illnesses are a serious area of concern.  Food related allergies have been on the rise since the 1990's.

If you have ever suffered from gastrointestinal chronic pain, kidney disease or IBS, you can attest to the lowered quality of life that follows. If you suffer from celiac disease, you know  the suffering from immense discomfort, pain and, you probably can not even perform any basic daily duties. it is a serious issue.  If you suffer from Crohn's  oohh.. the pain is so grand,  that you may even seek to have your colon removed.

It's devastating to live with painful bloating, chronic pain and, being terrified to eat. 

Hello, My name is Xenia Stavrinides and I'm the curator at Rainbow Ranch Farms. I' m the artist and, artisan raising, growing and, cultivating the living art that helps you heal your mind, body and, soul. Thank you for stopping by and checking out our living edible art gallery. We are eager to help you live better. Along with an incredible and, dedicated support team of talented and, highly skilled artisans, we make your dreams a reality. Artisans include:

Dennis Kelley-  www.kelleyzart.com

Mary Erstad - www.MarysRawGoatsMilk.com

 John Garcia - Garcia's Organic Ag Svcs.

Chef Marco Soto -  


When livestock and, food producing animals are fed a diet comprised of organic or, traditional corn, soy, wheat, barley, rye or similar, the inherit toxins from mycotoxins and aflatoxins are transferred through the meat, poultry, eggs and dairy.  You should know that the U.S. government has some control measures in place however, there are no commercially available measures at this time that kill these molds. One such measure is,  ionizing radiation.

Every-time you consume food laced with pesticides, deadly molds (aflatoxins, mycotoxins) they are going into your body and,  your kidneys (and liver) are responsible for filtering most of that out. You are born with all the glomeruli that you will ever have, about 1 million. The tiny filters in your (nephron) are like  little garbage men who sift through toxins to remove garbage. They do not regenerate! When they begin to die, your eGFR drops and, this can lead to diabetes or, kidney disease.

We take the quality of our artistic, living art very seriously. We specialize in cultivating wholesome, nutrient-dense and, healing artisan edible art that even benefits everyone, you, me and those, suffering from inflammation, diabetes, cancer, obesity, celiac and gluten-intolerance.