"Where Our Poultry Are Outstanding In Their Field 

Doing It Nature's Way,  As Nature Intended", 


Methods and, standards not set by groups of people, but rather, created by nature.

Forged From Sheer Necessity

"Necessity is the mother of invention". A need or problem encourages creative efforts to meet the need or solve the problem." Greek philosopher Plato.


In keeping with my grandparents old fashioned, traditional farming methods,  heritage poultry raised on Rainbow Ranch Farms are naturally hatched and,  raised on the farm.

We believe that enjoying a  life of "free - foraging" on wild, native and, indigenous seasonal vegetation; produces the most nutritious, humanely-raised poultry, with a distinctive "terroir" texture, taste and flavor profile.


Although the many breeds of heritage poultry at Rainbow Ranch Farms are busy scavenging through the orchard, tromping in the garden,  pecking and, eating bugs; they always make time for beetle hunting, dirt-scratching and compost-digging.  Additionally, they thrive on an abundance of fresh, seasonal organic fruits, greens and vegetables; and run around the farm, from sunrise to sunset. 

When you see them, thriving in their naturally organic environment, munching on worms, sunbathing and, molting; we think that you will agree, that you've found exactly what you have been craving and, searching for.

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"As Nature Intended",  "Physio-Organic"

Methods and, standards not set by groups of people, but rather, created by nature.

Rainbow Ranch Farms is a private farm and ranch with paid membership dues. Our products are produced exclusively for those who share a like-mind, philosophy and lifestyle. Our products are in extreme demand and, there is a limited supply. 

join us today and, enjoy shares of bountiful harvests, from our farm, to you.

" Where Our Poultry Are Outstanding In Their Field


Doing It Nature's Way! "

Upon getting a re-education which, included research and development,  our vision became clear to raise heritage old fashioned, standard breeds for, several reasons. Since they are naturally slow-growing we did not need to follow commercial feeding guidelines. This helped them to develop stronger muscles, strong, solid bones and because they were on a food vs. feed diet, they made much more effective breeders. This is the core of sustainability. Instead of buying day old baby chicks from hatcheries, we breed our own. By having sustainable breeds of chickens, turkeys, ducks, hogs, cattle, sheep & goats we stand strong,  behind our ethical products and, each product produced, can be traced back to it's origin.

When livestock breed naturally instead of requiring artificial insemination, the start of the process is sustainable.  Heritage, standard breeds live so much better, than the genetically altered breeds and, they do not need grains (corn, soy, wheat, barley, rye, gluten or similar). We found that because our livestock were eating food, instead of feed, they were far more active, better breeders and, overall, much healthier too!

The nutrient profiles of naturally slow-growing breeds are more intense than their fast-growing counterparts, this is mostly due to stored nutrition. When the animal is young it requires all of it's nutrition to continue growing, to develop strong bones, healthy organs, connective tissue and,  it's not until it reaches full maturity, when the extra good stuff gets stored. Maturity benefits that benefits the animal and,  the end user.


We care about the ecological systems, as much as we care about people, just like you. So many beautiful breeds of livestock become endangered, critically endangered and even extinct all too often (more) and, setting out to make a real difference meant taking those extra challenging steps, to ensure that we are truly,  taking part in the integral solution. 

We stand up and demand our clean food rights

When the FDA took the ropes, over all U.S. agriculture (Food Safety Modernization Act 2012), we immediately read the full act and responded within days. This allowed Rainbow Ranch Farms to continue raising livestock without any vaccines, antibiotics or castration.

Vaccines are designed to stay in the body.  They contain carriers that cross the Blood Brain Barrier (BBB). Some contain dangerous heavy metals and, others are made with multi-species proteins, known to aggravate or disrupt the immune system response (more). Some vaccines may cause additional health related problems. Although, the United states Department of Agriculture (National Organic Program) considers vaccines, antibiotics and pain killers, an accepted livestock care practice under "preventative measures" (USDA/NOP), recent studies and, research show that these may cause more injury than wellness (more). Additionally, we are not convinced that consuming animal vaccines, antibiotics and pain killers through our meat, poultry, eggs, raw dairy and raw honey is really all that safe. In nature, animals get all their necessary antibodies from their parent stock. In addition, in nature, animals do not practice surgical castration, de-horning, administration of vaccines, antibiotics or artificial insemination. Basically, these all too common acts, committed by farmers and ranchers,  are the opposite of natural, ethical, humane and, organic. And, this very well, maybe one or more of the causes that make people sick.



Food related illnesses are a serious area of concern.  They have been on the rise since the 1990's.

Anyone that has ever suffered from gastrointestinal chronic pain, kidney disease or IBS will attest to the lowered quality of life that follows. When a person with celiacs disease  consumes a small piece of bread containing gluten, they suffer with immense discomfort, pain and, can not even perform their basic daily duties, it is a serious issue. When a person suffering from Chrohn's consumes vegetative matter containing lectins, their intestines begin to perforate and leak.   The pain is so grand,  that they often seek to have their entire colon removed.


When livestock and food producing animals are fed corn, soy, wheat, barley, rye or similar, the inherit toxins from mycotoxins and aflatoxins are transferred through the meat, poultry, eggs and dairy. This is not to be considered a clean or pure source of wholesome food. You should know that the U.S. government controls (not kills) mycotoxins by,  ionizing radiation. This includes Certified Organic grains too!

Every-time you consume food laced with pesticides, deadly molds (aflatoxins, mycotoxins) they are going into your body and,  your kidneys (and liver) are responsible for filtering most of that out. You are born with all the glumeri that you will ever have, about 1 million. The glumeri (nephron) are like  little garbage men who sift through toxins to remove garbage. They do not regenerate! If they begin to die, your eGFR drops and, this can lead to chronic kidney disease. The only medical answer (to date) is kidney transplant or dialysis.


COWS need to be at least 4 years old for wholesome, nutritious beef.

The dilemma is, that the USDA wants them under 24 months. So how does a 100% grass-fed/grass-finished, pasture raised cow become market weight in under 24 months?


Calves are born weighing from 45-65 lbs (depending on breed and other factors). How does it gain almost 73 lbs each month on mother's milk and, grass? That's almost 2.4 - 2.5 lbs Rate of Growth (ROG) daily.


We raise Wagyu (American Kobe),  Irish Dexters, Herefords, Lowline Angus and, we have even raised Holsteins, Jersey, Red Angus, black Angus and Charolais. When your beef packages have a USDA inspected label, you're getting inadequate beef, and your paying a premium dollar for that because the seller states "grass-fed and grass-finished" and, that's not enough!

All cows are 100% grass-fed, all the time. Current American regulations do not have regulatory statutes on "grass-finished" therefore anyone can use that term, legally without any other disclosure.

Furthermore, the National Organic Program, U.S.D.A and the FDA all have approved antibiotics, anti-inflammation additives, vaccines and pain killers as "preventative measures", without required disclosure.

We take the quality of our food supply very seriously. We specialize in producing wholesome, nutrient-dense and, healing food that even those, suffering from inflammation, diabetes, cancer, obesity, celiac's, gluten-intolerance and, other food or, environmental allergies can consume, with confidence.

"Where Our Poultry Are Outstanding In Their Field"

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