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Diseases - Food allergies - Cancer - Pineal gland damage - Diabetes - Autism - Environmental & immunological deficiencies - Premature aging - Hormonal imbalances - Obesity - Mycotoxins - Aflatoxins - Chrohn's - Illness - Inflammation - Kidney disease -  Digestive disorders -


Grains, such as corn, soy, wheat, barley and, rye (including certified organic) are the biggest problem when it comes to toxic mold contamination and, the types of fungus that grow on these grains are known as  "disease causing", and eventually, deadly.


These disease causing molds do not discriminate against traditional or Certified Organic. The U.S.D.A. approves ionizing radiation treatment to control mycotoxins and, aflatoxins as, these types of molds and fungus are extremely hazardous to human and, animal health. Even with such severe treatment, the contamination is still considered hazardous but, mostly as effects seen or, experienced later in life.

Grains of this nature do not grow where Jungle Fowl originated therefore,  It stands to reason that chickens are not supposed to eat these products. Your exposure increases, when you consume grain fed animals and livestock, producing meat, poultry, eggs and, dairy.


ERGOT-FUNGUS (AKA:St. Anthony's fire)  grows on grains and grasses. It is not new, it's been around since the middle ages.  Ergot grows on grains and, many grasses. 


MYCOTOXINS: These types of molds and, toxic fungi can be found on common and certified organic corn, soy, wheat, barley, rye (and more).  Mycotoxins are commonly treated with ionizing radiation.  The radiation only controls Mycotoxins in  minimal amounts.  When grains are consumed, on a regular basis or, when you consume livestock or, products made from grain-fed animals (butter, cheese, cream, eggs, dairy etc.);  your health can be affected, in a negative capacity. 

Life threatening and potentially deadly fungus and, molds do not discriminate between CERTIFIED ORGANIC, CONVENTIONAL, HEIRLOOM, NON-GMO, NATURALLY GROWN or BEYOND ORGANIC. 


WARNING:  consuming meats, dairy, poultry or other foods which have been fed grains may put your health at risk. 

We are raising awareness because we believe, consumers have a right to know.

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