helping people just like you heal, prevent disease and enjoy a higher quality of life

by physio-organic, holistic methods since 1991 


Diseases - Food allergies - Cancer - Pineal gland damage - Diabetes - Autism - Environmental & immunological deficiencies - Premature aging - Hormonal imbalances - Obesity - Mycotoxicosis - Aflatoxicosis - Chrohn's - Illness - Inflammation - Kidney disease -  Digestive disorders -


ERGOT-FUNGUS (AKA:St. Anthony's fire)  grows on grains and grasses. It is not new either. ERGOT GROWS ON GRAINS and GRASSES and It's been around since before the middle ages. 

MYCOTOXINS These types of molds and toxic fungi can be found on common and certified organic corn, soy, wheat, barley, rye (and more).  Currently It is treated with ionizing radiation.  The radiation only controls Mycotoxins by minimal amounts.  When those foods are consumed on a regular basis or when we consume livestock that have been eating those grains, eventually it will start to affect our health in a negative capacity. 

Life threatening and potentially deadly fungus and molds do not discriminate between CERTIFIED ORGANIC, CONVENTIONAL, HEIRLOOM, NON-GMO, NATURALLY GROWN or BEYOND ORGANIC grasses, grass seeds, grains etc..


WARNING:  consuming meats, dairy, poultry or other foods which have been fed grains may put your health at risk. 

We are raising awareness because 

consumers have a right to know.


We explain the differences between certified organic, naturally grown, pasture-based, grass-fed and conventional agricultural methods.


We also detail the "WHY" behind what we do and how it can improve your lifestyle, health and your longevity.

Here at Rainbow Ranch Farms we grow, produce and cultivate pure healing food.


We guarantee the ethical production methods and this is also how we guarantee the highest possible quality.  


We take pure healing food very seriously. The dietary needs of our family, friends, farm-members, customers and clients, is worth our very best efforts (without compromise).


Our values have always been the same. We do not  follow foodie trends, fads or hip SEO-triggers. We do not BUY key words in an attempt to trick people into visiting our website. In fact, our customers, clients and members consider health, longevity and quality of life,  a priority. We specialize in highly unique agricultural and food production methods which are designed to help those who want to heal, prevent disease, optimize nutritional balance and improve quality of life.  


"Where Our Poultry Are Outstanding In Their Field"

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