ALL orders scheduled for delivery are shipped from Southern California. We ship throughout the Continental U.S.A.

(special arrangements can be made for Alaska and Hawaii).

We do not have hidden shipping charges. We do not charge handling fees. 


Shipping and deliveries are not available on Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays.

Expect delays during extreme weather, disasters, holidays or when our farms or ranches are experiencing high volume orders 


Shipping options are available. Charges depend on box weight, dimensions and delivery zip code. Options and charges are listed in the details of each product. 


STANDARD SHIPPING (non-Perishables)

Ground service generally takes 3-7 business days. This service is available for non-perishable items ONLY. 


1 Ground service within Southern California usually arrives next day.


2 Ground service to Central and Northern California usually takes 2 days


Standard Ground shipping charges depend on box weight, box dimensions and delivery zip code.

You will get full tracking details sent via email.



All perishables are shipped to arrive within 48 hours of FOB.

Air service shipping charges depend on box weight, box dimensions and delivery zip code.

You will get full tracking details via email.


NOTE: We do not contract or sub-contract with other farms, ranches for products. We do not purchase food from storage warehouses across the United States or overseas. Our products are NOT MANUFACTURED or SHIPPED FROM Nevada, Texas, New York, Minnesota, Wisconsin, China, the Philippines or anywhere else that we do not own or operate.

We do not offer 3rd-rate or other inferior shipping options.

We do not offer US. Postal Service Smart-Post with limited tracking.



Perishables are shipped only from our farms and ranches located in Southern California.


Shipping charges depend on box weight, box dimensions and delivery zip code. You will see your options and charges before check-out.


Orders are packaged and shipped out Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday weekly (unless delayed).



Our carriers (Fed-Ex, UPS, GSO) do not insure perishable goods. If your box is delayed, lost or damaged in transit, they do not  refund.


When selecting the shipping option, please remember that Rainbow Ranch Farms is a very small farm and we do not have the resources that Amazon, Walmart and other giants have. We prefer that our customers pick-up at the farm. Shipping is a courtesy-service.  You are selecting shipping "at your own risk". Once your box is scanned by the carrier pick-up service or home delivery service.  my hands are tied. 


UPS Terms & Conditions 3.13 Perishable Commodities (Link Here)

UPS does not provide a protective service for the transportation of Perishable Commodities. Such commodities will be accepted for transportation solely at the Shipper’s risk for any damage arising from the perishable nature of the item. Shippers shall not file claims for, and UPS shall not be liable to Shippers or any third parties for, any damage arising from the transportation of Perishable Commodities arising from exposure to heat or cold or the perishable nature of the item, regardless of whether the Shipment is delivered pursuant to an applicable UPS Service Guarantee or is delayed in transit. UPS reserves the right to dispose of any Shipment in the UPS system containing a Perishable Commodity that UPS deems in its sole and unlimited discretion to be of no value, unsafe or unsanitary


Perishables: Place your order 14 days in advance. I do not have stored, old, deep frozen perishable products just sitting around. I process fresh to order. ONLY.

Beef/Pork/Lamb/Goat: I wait until the whole animal is sold before processing. This process can take 7-15 days.

Poultry: Your poultry is processed as soon as it reaches the appropriate size, and not before. I wait for at least 20 chickens to be ordered before firing up the processing equipment. This process can take 3-15 days. 

*Turkeys: Turkeys are sometimes available all-year. Otherwise they are available only for thanksgiving. Due to Fed-Ex and UPS operational difficulties during holidays; I ship fresh turkeys out-of-state the week before thanksgiving. 

*TURKEYS EXCEPTION: If you are out-of-state and want your fresh turkey shipped the Monday before thanksgiving to arrive by Tuesday,  you are welcome to send me a UPS shipping label and I will follow your instructions, as per your request. I will not take responsibility for UPS delays or lost turkeys. 

Shipping charges are based on costs charged by the shipping and delivery service carrier.


What exactly will be in my order?

You'll receive the cuts and portions described in each of  the product descriptions. When ordering shares of an animal you will get a variety as described,  however the exact cuts and quantities may vary, since the weight of each animal is different;  aging, trimming,  carving and preparation may also result in slight variables.


Will I be able to track my delivery?

Yes. When we generate your package label a tracking number is sent to your email. Always check your spam folder too. 


Do I need to be home the day my shipment arrives?

No. Our labels waive signature. Box is packed to stay cold for 72 hours or 3-days. NOTE: After package is confirmed as delivered by the carrier, what happens to it after delivery is your responsibility.


How will my beef be shipped

Beef is either vaccum sealed or butcher paper wrapped by hand. Boxes are packed to stay very cold for up-to 72 hours or up to 3 days (depending on weather).  


Cancellations, Refunds, Security and Safety Protocol

You can cancel your order at anytime before we process your order for shipping.


You can change your order at anytime before we process your order for shipping.


We can credit or refund your purchase payment anytime before we process your order for shipping.

Please note that it may take a few days before the electronic refund posts.


Unlike many others processing online or phone transactions, Rainbow Ranch Farms maintains the highest security standards and integrity possible, especially on the Internet and other electronic devices.

Just call us at the farm on our private wired land line 920-349-7675.


NOTE: The fact that we are a real farm and ranch means that we actually do farm/ranch chores and process livestock to fulfill orders of perishable products. This also means that perishable items are not eligible for refund or return. We can offer replacement or make other fair arrangements.

REFUNDS Perishable items are non-refundable. Once I process a live animal, it can not be brouight back. I process especially for you, to fill your special order. You are paying me for a service. We do not ship from secret or unrelated locations. 



Eggs are shipped directly from our farm in Southern California.

Shipping charges depend on box weight, box dimensions and delivery zip code.


OUR California Farm Product Guarantee

California Farm Products are shipped directly from Southern California.

We guarantee the integrity of ALL our products. Our products carry the seal you can trust “CA GROWN”.


NOTE: We do not ship products from other farms, surplus commodity food storage freezers or other secret locations. We do not ship any items from a cold storage warehouse, commodity meat storage locker or any other place that we do not personally operate or own. 


Drop Shipping & 3rd Party Sales-Commercial/Commodity Products?

We do not ship products from mystery or undisclosed locations.

We do not drop-ship, buy, resell or ship items from commercial or commodity food or cold storage units, non-owned farms, ranches or anyone else.

We do not buy and sell 3rd-party or other inferior products. We do not drop-ship. If we don’t produce it, you’re not getting it from us


Expect safe and secure transactions on

We maintain the highest security standards and integrity possible.


We do not use cell phones, I-pads, swipe or similar for any monetary transactions.


We NEVER ask for checking, credit or debit card info by cell phone.


We never ask for checking, credit or debit card numbers by land line phone.


We never ask for checking, credit or debit card numbers by email.


We never ask for checking, credit or debit cards in person.


We never store checking, credit or debit card numbers anywhere.


Our security protocol includes the assurance that your order is only charged at the time of purchase, and that you receive a record of it.

You will not be charged at the time of shipment. This also ensures that your checking, credit or debit card information is protected by FDIC insured US banks and your purchase is 100% protected and secured by our Verisign, verified, trusted merchant account through PAYPAL.


We never have any access to your checking, credit, debit card numbers or other personal information.

Click here to visit PayPal security updates.


NOTE: Other places which charge your card at the time of shipping are storing and keeping a record of your checking, credit or debit card number, and that is not secure.


Unlike many other online stores, drop shippersaffiliate websites, fake farms and ranches with questionable practices; Rainbow Ranch Farms is an actual real-live farming and ranching operation.

We encourage you to become a registered farm member and visit our farm and ranch or opt for a special farm and ranch tour, class or workshop.

We Want to Meet You

I encourage you to pick-up at the farm instead of requesting shipping. I want to meet you in person and introduce you to the farm members. We want  to better understand your needs and any special dietary needs (if any) that you may have.


We encourage members to participate in farm and ranch events, join classes and sign-up for workshops. We want to share our farming/ranching methods and protocol with you.

"Where Our Poultry Are Outstanding In Their Field"

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