Shipping services are available to registered, vested farm members who have been on the Annual CSA-Shares shipping program since before January 01, 2019. 

Shipping services are also currently offered on select items (excluding annual shares) to new customers.

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Perishables are shipped only from our farms and, ranches located in Southern California.



Shipping charges are based on shipping carrier,  box weight, box dimensions and, delivery zip code. You will see your options and, charges before check-out.



Orders are packaged and shipped out Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday weekly (unless delayed).


Shipping & Delivery Exceptions

Third party carriers (Fed-Ex, UPS, GSO) do not insure perishable goods. If your box is delayed, lost or, damaged in transit, they do not  refund. See disclaimer below


UPS Terms & Conditions 3.13 Perishable Commodities (Link Here)

UPS does not provide a protective service for the transportation of Perishable Commodities. Such commodities will be accepted for transportation solely at the Shipper’s risk for any damage arising from the perishable nature of the item. Shippers shall not file claims for, and UPS shall not be liable to Shippers or any third parties for, any damage arising from the transportation of Perishable Commodities arising from exposure to heat or cold or the perishable nature of the item, regardless of whether the Shipment is delivered pursuant to an applicable UPS Service Guarantee or is delayed in transit. UPS reserves the right to dispose of any Shipment in the UPS system containing a Perishable Commodity that UPS deems in its sole and unlimited discretion to be of no value, unsafe or unsanitary.


There's no doubt that Covid-19 has impacted many small and, large businesses. If you are experiencing delays in your product shipments and, arrival delays, rest assured that we are going to catch-up as quickly as we possibly can. 

We are beyond apologetic for this turn in events, which is beyond our control. We appreciate your business and, we value the opportunity to serve your needs. Please bear with us as we continue to meet your needs within these critical times. Thank you.


Perishable items are non-refundable. Once animal is processed, it can not be brought back. Your order is  processed especially for you.

We do not refund "ANNUAL CSA SHARES" due to delays or set-backs which are beyond our control. Covid-19 has impacted our packaging and, shipping supply chain. 

We ensure that you will get your entire CSA although, in different shipment increments and expected amounts. 



Eggs are shipped directly from our farm in Southern California.

Shipping charges depend on box weight, box dimensions and, delivery zip code. Eggs can be delivered, nationwide.



California Farm Product Guarantee.

Grown in California, U.S.A.

Produced in California, U.S.A.

We guarantee the integrity of all our products.

Our products carry the seal that you trust “CA GROWN”.


We do not ship products from other farms, surplus commodity food storage freezers or other secret locations. We do not ship any items from a cold storage warehouses, commodity meat storage lockers or any other foreign places like, so many do. That's how they can afford cheap and, free shipping. .


Drop Shipping & 3rd Party Sales, Like Most Online Outlets

We do not ship products from mystery or undisclosed locations. We do not drop-ship, buy, resell or, ship items from commercial or, commodity food or cold storage units as, so many do, in an effort to offer cheap or, free shipping.

We do not buy and sell 3rd-party or other inferior products. We do not drop-ship. If we don’t produce it, pack it and ship it, you’re not getting it, from Rainbow Ranch Farms.


Covid-19 continues to impact the supply chain. As of Jan. 01, 2021 necessary supplies, tools and, protective gear are in very high demand. This continues to cause slightly longer delays in shipping products from our farm to your door. 

Your patience is greatly appreciated. 

Track Your Order

When your label is generated you will be notified that a label has been generated for you. This is not necessarily the day that your order will be shipped out.

Once your order is loaded "freight on board" you will be notified and, that's when you can start tracking your box until, it arrives.


Do I need to be home the day my order arrives?

No. For your safety and, to ensure timely arrival, we have made arrangements to waive all signatures and, limit personal contact with delivery personnel.


Will Perishables Be Cold?

Your order is packed inside re-usable, earth-friendly materials. Our packaging supplies are safe for recycling, donating and, even for re-use. Your products are especially packed to stay cold for up-to 72 hours from the time of freight on board.  

Online Security

Our security protocol includes the assurance that your order is only charged at the time of purchase, and that you receive a record of it.


You will not be charged at the time of shipment. This also ensures that your checking, credit or debit card information is protected by FDIC insured US banks and, your purchase is 100% protected and secured by our Verisign, verified, trusted merchant account. Your assurances are backed by our 100% AAA+ rating.


We never have any access to your checking, credit, debit card numbers or other personal information.

Click here to visit security updates.


NOTE: Places which charge your card at the time of shipping are, storing and, keeping a record of your checking, credit or debit card numbers and, that is not secure.


Unlike many online stores, drop shippersaffiliate websites, fake farms and, ranches with questionable practices; Rainbow Ranch Farms is an actual real-live farming and, ranching operation and, for your added protection,  we encourage you to become a registered farm member