1/2 Shr. FFL (1 Year)

1/2 Shr. FFL (1 Year)


Pay only once and secure your entire 1-year food supply from Jan. - Dec.

Pick up once monthly at the farm in Pinon Hills, California 92372 and, stuff your fridge and freezer. 


FFL-1-A is Food For Life of 1 year.

Every month you can expect to pick up

5.0-6.0 lbs.  variety of delicious, fresh, prime pork cuts 

3 beautiful heritage-breed, pasture raised chickens w/free stock bones

5.0-6.0 lbs. variety of grass-fed/finished prime, kosher beef cuts 

2 dozen farm fresh, grain-free, pasture-raised kosher eggs

+++ Includes - PLUS++

Easter:  Fresh ham or whole shoulder pork roast
Thanksgiving: Kosher, heritage  turkey
Christmas: Kosher, prime rib roast


Pick-up at the farm is the first Saturday, of every month, unless otherwise delayed or postponed (announced via newsletter. )


As we meat-up once monthly on the farm, you can expect to also shop from our farm stand and, load up on fresh vegetables, fruit, greens and more meat and, poultry too!  You will have a great time meeting new people, making friends and, learning about our fun group of supporters and, getting to know your farmers and, your food. 


We look forward to seeing you!


  • Pick Up

    Available for pick up at the farm. Please subscribe to the farm newsletter and, stay up to date with delays, special dates, pick up information and so much more. Thank you.

  • Contact

    Farm house 760-868-6206

    Text 909-634-7540

    Email 9096347540@mymetropcs.com

    Thank you, from Xenia

"Where Our Poultry Are Outstanding In Their Field"

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