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1/2 Shr. FFL 1-A Mixed MonthlyX12

1/2 Shr. FFL 1-A Mixed MonthlyX12


Pay once and secure your entire 1-year food supply from

Jan. - Dec. Pick Up Only!


Imagine on LESS than $127.00 per week ALL your prime meat, poultry, eggs and holiday extra delights are raised, minimally processed and reserved just for you! That's AMAZING!

Pay at the farm before Dec. 20 and save UP TO $500 when you pay in full or, You can make a deposit and make comfortable monthly payments!


During the pandemic our family and members did not worry about meat, poultry and egg shortages and crazy price increases! 

This is what you can expect to pick up every month Jan.-Dec

Pick up only please.


5.0-5.5 lbs.  Prime pork cuts Jan-Dec.

3 Whole body chickens w/stock neck & feet bones Jan-Dec.

5.0-5.5 lbs. Prime beef cuts Jan-Dec

2 dozen farm fresh eggs Jan-Dec.

+++ Includes - PLUS++ FREE!!


Depending on availability expect

Easter:  Fresh pork roast, lamb or beef roast
Thanksgiving: Heritage turkey
Christmas: Beef roast, lamb roast, turkey or pork roast


Pick-up at the farm is usually on the first Saturday, of every month, unless otherwise delayed or postponed (announced via newsletter. )


Bring a cooler for your fresh goods.

We look forward to seeing you!


Price at check out is for 12 months.

Pick Up Only.



Pick up at the farm during the next scheduled CSA farm pick up day. Pick up day is announced through my newsletter. Please sign up for the newsletter and don't miss important updates and specials.


  • Contact

    Call or Text 909-634-7540

    Thank you, from Xenia

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