1/2 Shr. K-FFL (1 Year)

1/2 Shr. K-FFL (1 Year)


Our FFL 1/Yr. Kosher 1/2 Share (Mixed) Includes

This share can be delivered.


This loaded meat share comes to about $106.00 per week.

5-6 lbs. of Kosher beef roasts each and every month


5-6 lbs. of Kosher mixed beef cuts: minced, short ribs, steaks, kebabs


3 Whole Kosher Chickens each and every month


2 dozen Farm-Fresh Kosher chicken eggs, each and every month



In April - 1 Whole Kosher lamb or goat (or, cut up)

In November - 1 Kosher Heritage Turkey

In December - 1 Kosher Beef Prime Rib (4-6 ribs)


"Where Our Poultry Are Outstanding In Their Field"

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