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Boils down to less than $83.00 per week!

For your entire 12 months of beef, chickens, eggs and, your April lamb, Nov. Turkey and Dec. Prime Rib Roast! 


Food4Life 1-A is for 1-year, January-December. Sign Up by Dec. 20 to start in January. Pick-up every month at the home farm in Pinon Hills, CA. 92372.


This Mix-Share Includes

10-11 lbs. of Kosher beef each and every month Jan. - Dec. ($3366.00 value)

From steaks, fillet and ground beef to short ribs, kebabs and delicious roasts.


3 Whole Kosher Chickens each and every month, Jan. - Dec. ($1079.84 value)


2 dozen Farm-Fresh Kosher eggs, each and every month, Jan. - Dec. ($348.00 value)


April - 1 Whole kosher lamb or goat ($275.00 value)

November - Heritage Turkey ($240.00 value)

December - 1 Prime Rib Roast ($240.00 value)


Subscribe to our FFL 1/2 Share 1-A Kosher and SAVE $1,250.00


Do You Want To Make Payments?

$358.23 per month, due at pick-up.

  • Shipping, Delivery & Insurance.

    This share is not available for packing, shipping or delivery services. It's far too large.

  • Delays or Set-Backs.

    If there are any weather or farm related set backs or delays which are beyond our control, these are announced through our newsletter. Please be sure to sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date with what's going on at Rainbow Ranch Farms.

  • Pick-Up.

    Farm pick up is scheduled for the 1st. Sat. of each month, between 11 AM - 2 PM. Unless otherwise announced through our newsletter.

    If you just can not make it on a scheduled Saturday, let's try to schedule a monthly pick up day, that works.

  • Questions.

    You can easily find answers to any additional questions on our FAQ page.

  • Vacation & Travel Hold.

    Going on vacation? Traveling? No problem. Call us (760-868-6206). We can hold-off until your return or, you can also pick-up a double share on the following month, if needed.

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